Ash Tree ID – EAB in Missouri

When you want to identify
an ash tree or determine if your tree
is an ash tree, the first thing to look for is
the branching pattern on there. The side branches come off across
from each other on the main branch. So this is what we call
opposite branching. Other trees may have what
we call alternant branching and you can see
the branches are staggered. But the main thing
you really want to look for is this opposite branching
type of pattern. The next thing to look for is
the type of leaves and ash trees have what we call
a compound leaf. And that’s where you have
several leaflets attached to one green stalk
that’s attached to the branch. In the case of ash
they have from five to eleven, usually about seven leaflets
on one leaf. Then on this branch of ash tree you can see it has
a lot of these seeds. These are very characteristic
for ash. They have sort of
a paddle shaped seed. And on trees that
are heavily seeding like this, this is a good characteristic
to look for.

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