AMSOIL Testimonial: Duluth Lawn Care

>>My name is Matt Marciniak. I own Duluth Lawn Care located
in Duluth, Minnesota. I’ve been in business now for 13 years. I think the reason that people choose Duluth
Lawn Care is we’ve been around for so long now. We try and maintain top-quality,
top-notch equipment, great employees that know what they’re doing. As far as the equipment running on the job site, I would say on an average day the motors are
actually running for six or seven hours a day. As far as the two-stroke equipment,
they actually run more than our motors. If I had to average out a typical season, we’re
putting 50 to 600 hours on our two-stroke stuff. Some of our two-stroke equipment we’ve had for 10-plus years have 6 to
8000 hours if I had to guess. We don’t have any issues with them so, if
it’s not broke, why fix it or replace it? We’ve used AMSOIL things
since Day One: the motor oils, the grease for all of the pulleys and spindles. Once a week we’re greasing our machines, and then every 88 to 90 hours
we’re doing oil changes. The products that we’re using for our
two-stroke equipment is the AMSOIL SABRE Oil. We’re mixing that oil at 80:1. The reason we mix it a little bit leaner
than the manufacturer recommends is simply from the fact that we haven’t had
issues mixing it at this rate. The cost savings is huge. I would highly recommend AMSOIL to
anyone in the lawn or landscape industry. Again, we’ve used it since Day One. There’s a lot of stresses that go into
owning a small business, but putting AMSOIL in our equipment gives me the
satisfaction that the equipment is going to last longer and be dependable for us.

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7 thoughts on “AMSOIL Testimonial: Duluth Lawn Care

  1. This guy is pretty shady and I wouldn't want to relate to him if I were you. Ask around the Duluth/Superior area, you'll hear stories. Heck I heard them from up on the range.

  2. Its all i use now thanks to one of your dealers and my buddy #jodylee from #firstplaceoils in Gardner ILLINOIS. Thanks #amsoil love your products. I'm #amsoil crazy. Use to use royal purple, not any more. Customer for life. God bless

  3. All I'm using for now on period. Thank you #jodylee from #firstplaceoils in Gardner Il. Thank you so much #amsoil i now am only using your product's on my truck's, snowplows/ winter equipment, and all my lawn maintenance equipment. I stop shop for all the best products. That's not my opinion but a fact…..

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