Among the Trees: Hugh Hayden | Hayward Gallery

Part of my interest
in using wood is that most of human
existence has some experience of
understanding of a tree and the wood that
comes from it so as an artist
it’s almost like this challenge like
how can I transform something as
ubiquitous and mundane as a tree
or a piece of wood and that if I can
transform how you think about something
like this that perhaps that’s a way
in for me as an artist to change the way
you think about other larger more
conceptual ideas. My name is Hugh
Hayden I’m a sculptor,
I also make culinary installations,
I trained as an architect. Many of my works are
made out of very organic materials
that are treated in a uniform fashion. Zelig is the first
developed piece in a series of
only a handful of maybe five works that I’ve made with
collaged feathers. Each feather has it’s
own pattern, texture, colour and the great
combination of all of them they
create something new. It’s me trying to
remix nature into some new way
of understanding humanity and the
environment. I was interested
in this notion of conceptually about
how people attempt to assimilate and this is just
a mirror of those attempts of becoming
a part of something. I feel like you could
apply any demographic to this notion of
blending in whether it’s notions
of masculinity, femininity, religion,
appearance, wealth. For me there are
a lot of stand-ins that these feathers
are representing.

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