Amazing Water Fountain with Plastic Bottle and Led (DIY)

` Welcome to Rustickraft Channel ` Take 6 bottles and place them according to their height on the round base as shown. Use cellotape to stick them together. Mark them and cut them as shown in the video. Give them proper shape using a scissor. Take PVC Casing. Mark them and cut them into small pieces as shown in the video. Make small passage for previously PVC casing cutouts. This is needed to make the water flow from one bottle to other. Make hole at the bottom of the bottle as shown in the video. Place the PVC Casing cutout in the bottle as shown in the video. This will help the water to flow from one bottle to another. Take L shape PVC Joint, Small PVC Pipe about 2 inch and a big PVC of about less than a foot Join together as shown Make hole in the bottle as shown to fit the Pipe Attach the PVC Pipe from inside as shown in the video Wrap it up with the LED Strip as shown in the video with cello tape. Cover the the excess wire with masking tape. Cover with masking tape as shown in video. Casting time 🙂 Wrapping with wet cloth More water spray…. Use Dry cement at first it will protect the led. That’s the whole purpose of masking tape and wet cloth wrapping 🙂 White Cement and cloth Nice and easy give it a shape 🙂 Paint time. Waterproof paint will help to retain the casting for a longer period. 12v Submersible pump Attach the pump as shown in the video IR receiver Connect the IR receiver to the other end of the LED Power-up the IR Receiver with 12V DC Adapter Place the whole setup in the base as shown in the video Fill up with water. TADA!!!!! Its done Change the LED colour through the IR remote.

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100 thoughts on “Amazing Water Fountain with Plastic Bottle and Led (DIY)

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  3. Sale tum log ese jugad bolte ho ghanta ke jugad etna to saman jutane se achha hai ki market se hi kharid le

  4. Ok Rustic bro, here is the core of your primary complaint. 1) This idea gets my
    (Kimism) IT'S SUPER-DUPER BANG BANG !! 💋.
    Buut.. You kinda left us hangin' on : The length and diameter of the 2 PVC pipes / Elbow fixtures , which leaves one to "Idioguess" (Kimism). So that gets a Booface 😣
    Second : Duude! What colors of paints are you workin' wit? Booface #2 😣😣.
    Three: And , boy I was Ret to..(🙄 Ready
    to) "Birth a spazznoid"( Kimism) when at the very bottom , all cozycooch (Kimism) You try to "Sneak-slip" (Kimism) The name of your "Sponsorobvious" (Kimism) Electrode hook. But you forgot to tell "US" ,your
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    But baby, I ain't no "Hate-seeking-missle"
    * HEY don't (Curdle) (Kimism) cus u aint
    Fandemic on the new lingo. Just get Go-Go..
    -Kiss, Kiss Smoochinyouos ! 😘
    (I is the KIM)

  5. Yang tidak bermanfaat pun akan jadi indah di tangan orang yang luar biasa seperti ini…👍👍👍

  6. It looks like one of those things you buy at the supermarket, but you just made it at home. It's so cool

  7. Need a bigger scale one for my pool so i am gonna get bigger bottles and make a hole at the bottom

  8. Very Very Nice!

  9. Thanks everyone for showing such love and support ❤️. We opened a new channel called RusticKraft Extra where you'll find projects related to gardening, that's another hobby I have and I hope to see you there. Please consider subscribing if you like it –

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