Aloe Vera Plant Flower Stalk

In the name of ALLAH todays video is on very unique thing that you have seen very rarely and that is Aloe Vera Flowers these are very unique and very few aloe plants have flowers bloomed if you provide perfect conditions to aloe vera then there are chances of flowering on it not on every aloe vera plant, no matter how good it is growing let me show you the closer look of aloe vera flowers here you can see how good they are blooming these are the pods when these pods gets dry then seeds come out of these pods if you want to cut it then you can cut it as well or you can let it grow as it is this is growing from here, this stalk is coming out of the plant this is the small stem also growing if you want to let it as it is and let it dry or you can cut it also very few aloe vera plant have flowers on them you can see these flowers very rarely aloe vera plants normally produce flowers after 2 years of age that is in the case of providing perfect growing conditions aloe vera plants that are growing in continuous sunlight have more chances of flowering on them while indoor aloe vera don’t have much chances of flowering on them one more thing to discuss is that aloe vera plant don’t die after flowering on them this is just a myth this is only agave plant who died after flowering on it see the flowers again how tall this stalk is growing from the plant this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you in the next video with some more information till then GOODBYE! take care of yourself take care of others and love plants PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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