Aliens in My Yard Teaser 👽 | Gabby Duran & the Unsittables | Disney Channel

Gabby:My whole life,
my mom and sister
have been doing
these great things, and I’ve always just been
the family screw-up. – Are you watching me?
– Of course, I am.This is my chance
to do something great, too.
I require a babysitter to keep – our alien identities secret.
– Yeah, I’m in.And I can’t tell my best friend
who loves aliens.
Have you observed anything
out of the ordinary? This is so
out of the ordinary! – Nope. Nada.
Keeping it all a secretfrom the people I love?
Wish me luck.
That went better than I– aah!♪ I do my thing ♪

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