Air New Zealand All Blacks B777-300/ER to London

– Welcome to beautiful SoCal, LAX. This is my favourite airport. And now I’m going show you why. (jet engines roaring)
(dramatic music) Look at that, wow, slam! What a great landing! Air New Zealand, All
Blacks, on the triple seven. That’s actually my flight today
from Los Angeles to London. Let’s go, guys! – Kia ora, welcome to
the Star Alliance Lounge. – [Sam] Kia ora. Thank you. You’re welcome, sir, enjoy the lounge. – So, at the LAX Star Alliance Lounge, it’s on the sixth floor,
Tom Bradley terminal. This little patio section outside, you can look out to the whole terminal. It’s very airy, and this
is my preferred sitting. There’s also a outdoor terrace outside. (dramatic music) So, before I go to the flight, I want o show you how
great my pink suitcase. You probably have seen it. I’ve travelled hundreds of miles on my pink suitcase in the previous vlog. So, let’s take a look here. This is the Away Bigger Carry-On suitcase. It came with different colour
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Away suitcase is its quality. It’s really durable. It’s got this four, 360
degrees spinner wheels. The other feature I
like about the suitcase is it has this TSA lock so you secure your belonging conveniently. The Away suitcase come with a
100-day free trial guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can return it with no question asked. I also travel with this Away daypack, which you can securely
strap on to the handle of the suitcase. So this makes a perfect
travel combination carry-on onto the plane. So, see you next time. Start your risk-free 100-day trial, and shop the entire Away
lineup of travel essentials, including their best-selling suitcases at (dramatic music) Wow, look at this, all black! The door is black as well. Hello, how are you? – Good, thank you, kia ora, welcome. – [Sam] Yeah. You know it’s been 15 years, ooh, let’s do this.
(clinks) – Welcome aboard.
– I was going to tell you, it’s been 15 years
– Thank you. – since I fly Air New Zealand. The last time was a 747. – Yeah, welcome back,
triple seven, 300 series. – Nice to see it. – Hello.
– How are you, how are you? – Hello, welcome. (plane whirring) – Kia ora, welcome on board, Mr. Chui. How are you today?
– Hi, good, good, kia ora. – Lovely to meet you. My name is Kara. I’ll be looking after you today. Would you care for a glass
of champagne before takeoff? – I would love to have
a glass ofchampagne. – There you go. (clinks) Cheers.
– Cheers. – So, I’ll just give you a quick brief on how the seat works, okay. So, the seat turns into a bed. This button here converts
the seat into a bed. When you wish to sleep,
just let one of us know, and we’ll make it for you. This is for the seat
recline, lumbar support, and tray table, which
just pops out of here. And this is a retractable TV. It’s all touch to use. If you need any help with
it, just let us know, okay. Your armrest just go down
by pressing this button here to give you more space when you sleep. Your life jacket is
just at the side there. If you need any help during
the flight, just let me know. My name is Kara, it’s lovely to meet you. – [Sam] Oh, thank you so much. Thank you, take care.
– Thank you, enjoy the flight. – Would you enjoy one of
our finest hot towels? – [Sam] One of your finest, thank you. – You’re welcome. – Well, first impression
of Air New Zealand, it’s very friendly people, but the seats are a bit weird
’cause you face each other. Everybody can see you here. So, how do you like
pair sitting like this? – We really like it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Sam] Do you eat together like this? – We haven’t done, but we could.
– We haven’t, but we could. (dramatic music) – Would you care for some more champagne? (clinks) (clinks) – Is that really the way the people, they greet each other in New Zealand? – It is, yeah, it is.
– It is. – I am an–
– Supervisor. – Operations manager, and
I’m going to get in here too. – Kathy, like this is a unusual flight because this is the longest
flight, one stop, Auckland– – L.A.
– Los Angeles, London, right?
– Right. – Over 10,000 miles – Correct.
– all the way. How many passengers do we have today? – Today, that went all
the way through, 122. We 320 on board going just to London. – Oh, so you have people like me join from Los Angeles,
– Correct. – about two third join, one
third all the way through. – Correct.
– All the way through is crazy.
– Crazy. – It’s like 24 hours. – I wouldn’t do it. (both laughing) They’re very brave. Have a wonderful trip. – Thank you. – Nice to meet you. (laughing) – [Sam] See you. – Bye, guys.
– See you, Kathy. – [Kathy] Bye, Sam, thank you, bye. – [Man] Las Vegas (mumbles). – All right, Sam, welcome aboard NZ 2, this flight to London Heathrow. (engines whirring) (gentle music) – Kia ora, Sam. We’ve got a customer today in 41A, and we’re going to set up
her Skycouch for her now, so if you want to follow me.
– Yeah. – This is our Skycouch row
today on Air New Zealand. So it’s this three across seats. And what we do is, we convert all the leg rest to come up to make a completely flat kind of bed or area for you to sleep. It’s great for kids or
people travelling alone that don’t have to go to Business Premier or Premier Economy. So I’ll show you how it works. So first button, you just press and it will
lift up the leg rest halfway, and then you just literally
use it with your hand and pull up all the way, and there you go, so you have your completely flat bed. Customer travelling with the Skycouch should also get a bedding
pack and a pillow, which of course would be
like a small mattress, and then quite a big pillow that will let you have a nice sleep. – Almost like a business-class bedding. This is only for Skycouch.
– Pretty much, pretty much. It’s not as warm as
probably like kiwi sheepskin or what they have down there all the way, but it’s sort of similar
so it keeps you warm for kind of the flight
when we’re crossing over. – [Sam] Most important
thing, clean and hygiene. – You also get your blanket
as well with the Skycouch, which also goes on top. We have three separate belts. You have adult loop belt, a cuddle belt, and another adult loop belt, depending on how you’re sitting. So, if you’re by yourself, we usually recommend the cuddle belt. The cuddle belt clicks
into the middle seat, just at the bottom of the hook. And it’ll be a blue belt that goes around, and you’ll clip your
original belt into the belt. So it kind of keeps you secure till the seatbelt sign go on, and it kind of let’s us
kind of secure the cabin and kind of see what’s going on. – Having three seats, a
Skycouch bed in Economy is going to make other
people very jealous, but I guess you pay for what you get. The Skycouch pricing is somewhere between Economy and Premium Economy. We’ve actually got a passenger that usually travels in
our Business Premier cabin, but she prefers to travel
in our Economy Skycouch. She feels she’s got a little bit more room to kind of spread out. So, at Air New Zealand, we’re
very, very proud of our wines. We even have a wine specialist down in the Pacific Class cabin today. So, we have quite a lot
of offers of wine today. For reds, we have two
reds from Villa Maria. It’s a Pinot Noir and a Merlot. And then Samantha’s got two wines, it’s a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc. So we don’t only just
have four choices of wine for the meal service, we also
have a sparkling wine as well for our customers down here as well. – [Sam] So, what’s this one here today? – Chicken with couscous
and some vegetables. Quinoa side salad,
they’ve got a cheesecake. The other choice in Economy cabin today, which is the beef ragout with
mashed potato and green bean. – Sam, I also like your beautiful, I like that pattern. The pattern makes it very special.
– Quite bright, isn’t it? – It’s actually very
catchy, when you see it, you want to look at it
again and again, right? It has something in there.
– We stand out from the crowd. (laughing) – Stands out in a crowd. – I’m Alex here. I’m the chef today on
Premium Economy cabin. And we have our famous New
Zealand lamb that we offer in– – [Sam] This is the famous
one, New Zealand lamb. – [Alex] It’s the famous New Zealand lamb. – [Sam] Wow. – [Alex] It’s the lamb
shanks with the polenta. – [Sam] This is beautiful,
look at this fish here. They’re same like Business Class, right? – The same quality as Business
Class but we’ve been serving the Premium Economy cabin. So, not many airlines, they
do it in the Premium Economy. – Yeah, that’s a upgrade. You see, as they’re arcing, I have to turn to my back when I film. I mean, the seat is
comfortable, it’s a flat back. But every time, I have to turn to film, which is… (upbeat music) – Here’s our special need
chef, that’s why he’s in black. – Hello. – I was going to say, what
is this beautiful monogram? You’re a chef.
– I’m a chef on the plane, yeah. – Oh, a chef in your black jersey. I’ve never seen a chef in
black ’cause I normally see chef in white. Black shirt chef, wow. Leflore, what do you
recommend to eat today? – Well, I like the lamb, New Zealand lamb. – [Sam] New Zealand lamb? – Yes, perfect, green beans, polenta. – Air New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We have the Tohu from Marlborough. (upbeat music) (pops) – Black olive bread,
garlic bread or sourdough with New Zealand olive
oil from Hawke’s Bay. (pops) (gurgling) This food on Air New Zealand,
this salmon was so good. – Would like the New
Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, or Pinot Noir, maybe? – [Sam] Maybe Chardonnay. – [Kara] Wairau River
Chardonnay from Marlborough. (upbeat music) – Good news, there’s free Wi-Fi Internet on Air New Zealand for everybody. And I just checked the speed,
it was really fast, 19 Mbps. – This button here brings
the back of the seat over to meet the ottoman here, which turns the seat
into a complete flat bed. – [Sam] And what’s inside this? – So, inside here, we have the mattress, which is super thick and comfortable. Two pillows. There you are, sleep well. (upbeat music) – Mattress is really, really thick. This mattress is really nice. It feels like you’re sleeping much higher. The bed is a little short, I can just about fully stretch out. If anyone taller than me,
then you might have a problem. Hopefully, I can sleep well, good night. (upbeat music) Good morning, I just woke up
after about five hours sleep. They’re serving breakfast now with the lights turned back on. In terms of privacy,
it’s also interesting. When I go fully flat, all I
could see is up the ceiling. I don’t see anyone else. The only problem I have with this seat is they can only go either flat or back to upright position. (gentle music) Inside the bathroom
here in Air New Zealand, very interesting bathroom. They have a speaker from up
here, they’re playing pop music. And they have a window
painted on the wall here, very pleasantly doing your
morning business inside a toilet. – How was the rest of
your flight today, Sam? – Very good, very good. – Good, did you manage to get some sleep? – [Sam] Yeah, awesome. – Awesome, all right, cool,
hope to see you again soon. – Yes, pleasure meeting you. – No worries.
– Take care. – Bye. (gentle music) (engines whirring) – How’s my New Zealand friend
doing after how many hours? 24? – 24 hours. – How do you feel? – Good. – Good?
– Actually, good. – You have one more flight like me, you continue.
– I have one more flight. – Care, bye-bye. Thanks very much, bye-bye. – Hi, I’m Craig Malcolm. I was the captain of this
flight, New Zealand two. We’ve left Los Angeles, and we’re flying across the
Atlantic and arrived in London. With me on the flight deck,
first officer Craig Forster, second officer Jason McGregor. We left Los Angeles about 11 hours ago. It took us nine hours and 14 minutes to fly across the Atlantic. We started off at 31,000 feet,
we ended up at 37,000 feet. We cruised at Mach .83. And we had a relatively smooth flight. I think most of the
passengers got some sleep. Weather in London for our arrival, it was forecast to be snowing so we’re a bit lucky we beat that, and it’s just been a low cloud and it’s feeling cold
outside at two degrees. – [Sam] Thank you, Captain. Pleasure to be on board. – Oh, you’re welcome. We are very pleased to be
able to bring you this far. – Thank you, take care!
– Thank you so much! (upbeat music)
Bye-bye! Thank you, see you, bye! (mumbles) (tings) (pops)

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