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good morning it’s Sunday May the 1st and
I’m here at the 600 yard match at it red castle gun club this was supposed to be
a two-day event where it’s a 1,000 yard match on Saturday and a 600 yard match
today and I got really sick from some antibiotics the other night so I had to
miss the thousand-yard match I know a lot of you guys really looking forward
to that and I’m really sorry about it I should be up on that hill back behind
me in order to take shots right down here but what does have to see how this
thing does at 600 yards and the wind is pretty much straight at my back right
now which according to the other competitors is gonna make things a little
bit wonky you’re gonna get mild changes from left to right so yeah just a
reminder today’s game is all about the wind since this is a fixed distance and
I’m gonna have a nice stable rest the name of the game really is wind I wish
me luck okay here’s an update round one really
sucked it was a pretty low score 163 I think and with that one I think a lot of
that was a flinch that I was developing the the lightweight
well these heavier bullets and then the lightweight rifle it’s really beating
the crap out of this shoulder it hurts a lot to fire so I’m really not doing the
fundamentals I’m not doing the usual breathing and the nice clean trigger
pull so what I did in the second round is I put a sandbag right here between my
shoulder and the rifle and it took me a little while to get situated where
things were comfortable but eventually I started firing better so that was a
171 and yeah it feels a lot better here now it doesn’t I don’t really feel that
bruised so much so yeah we’ll see how the third round goes I’m intending to
pick things up a little bit the wind is still weird the wind is from my back and
it’s going the the targets are that way and it just kind of goes a little bit
side to side every few minutes and yeah it’s just changing all the time and
what’s happening is the the wind behind us is actually hitting some of these
berms and I think causing the bullets to hop up a little bit too so in addition
to the the side-to-side I think we’re we’re getting a little bit of variation
up and down so it’s fun but I can definitely see where I need to make some
improvements first off I think I need to either be wearing a pretty thick recoil
pad next time I come out and or I need to put a lot of weight into the stock so
this thing weighs a lot more but I like the trigger I like the way that
everything is working the precision of the right
seems to be just fine now it is kind of stringing some as it heats up so I have
to be careful to fire slowly but other than that it’s doing really well here’s a little after-action report I
just finished the third relay everybody is getting into here everything is
closed down and cleaned up and I just wanted to talk about what happened with
this thing first off the rifle itself shot really well as far as I can tell
there were some issues which we’ll get into but overall I think that there was
nothing to really fault the action and the barrel anything like
that nothing wrong there as far as equipment goes one of the the big let
downs was the scope which you can imagine this is a hundred dollar scope
and you’re going to be missing something somewhere the the turrets tracked great
all the mechanicals were just fine and the only thing that really let me down
on this is just the quality of the glass the quality of the glass is horrible it
is it’s disgusting it’s mushy you really can’t see anything of any value you
can’t see mirage you it’s it’s just the the entire image is garbage on the other
end of that so you just kind of vaguely you know point it I can kind of see the
Rings a little bit on the target and you know just kind of put it in this area
and it works but this is definitely one of the things that was letting me down I
couldn’t really precisely pick where I was aiming this thing
some other issues the total weight of the rifle was a real drag it’s so light
and I actually measured this thing before the scope went on and it was
coming out I believe seven and a quarter pounds so probably with the scope it’s
about eight pounds total so it’s it’s very light for for a pro
rifle especially something that with those 162 grain bullets was actually
kicking pretty hard so we’ll actually check this out later but I’m pretty sure
I have a massive bruise right up here and in the first match like I mentioned
earlier yeah I was getting very badly bruised and I think I was getting a bit
of a flinch from that so what I did is I started putting a sandbag here between
my my shoulder and the buttstock which as you can imagine that’s not exactly
optimal for a good cheek weld so it’s kind of trading one set of problems for
another but I think overall having the sandbag there was a better idea it made
it so I didn’t have to flinch I could just do a nice trigger pull I could
breathe properly get all my you know my head in the right area and then I could
pull the trigger some of the things that you might not have seen on this rifle
before the the Simmons scope does come with a sunsha sunshade so I didn’t put
that on there and that helps because early in the morning we were looking
directly into the Sun and this little mirage shield that I put on top I just
have some little velcro pads and this attaches to this is just a
Vallance slat from a mini blind and it’s kind of small but hey the bear was small
too so I guess that did the job might as well not degrade the image any further
than I did some of the things I’ll let you know what the scores are first the
first round I did a 163 so I dropped when is that 33
points right there and then the the second round it was a 171 so I dropped
29 points and then I got a new one 163 for the last one even though I felt
better in the first match the wind was really capricious it was all over
the place it was still roughly two hour back but
with switch sides just all the time so trying to keep up with the wind and how
much wind it’s pretty difficult I still felt better to firing that last that
last 20 rounds and yeah to me they felt like they came off better but the score
doesn’t really show it so it’s a low score for this sort of thing I think the
guy that that won this match he dropped nine nine points total I think that’s
all so yeah huge gap between me and him and
frankly I probably did come in bottom of the pack today well let’s see afterward
see what the actual scores were if I could be just one guy that’d be
wonderful but I don’t imagine I did so some of the things that I’d like to do
to upgrade this and make it into something that
would work better for this some of the cheap mods that I can do anyway first
off I want to make this thing way more so I want to fill the forearm with lead
and if I can get actually get this buttstock off or the the butt pad I
don’t know what in the world Boyd’s used to seal this thing on here
but it didn’t want to come off but yeah if I can fill this with lead – that
would be wonderful the rifle its total weight I have to
keep it below it’s something like 22 pounds or something it’s really heavy
and I definitely can add a lot of weight to make this work better another
modification that I really needed my wife was very kind to make me a rear bag
yesterday I didn’t have any good sand bag to have and the rear here she she
made me a nice one but I think that’s one extra mod that I’ll need to do is a
sand bag that’s on a slant like you’re gonna see if these sorts of competitions
something that kept the grips the buttstock those two I think I’d feel
much more confident using this even though I might still wear at least kind
of a thin recoil just to keep it from hurting too badly I think has proven to
work it’s quite good and I this is the 600 yard match you know that I was
intending to do a thousand-yard match which was yesterday but I got extremely
sick on Friday night so I was not able to compete in that match so I’ll have to find
some other way to come back make it up to you guys
and finish this thing out but some thanks before I go thank you very much
to the subscribers on YouTube and the fans on Facebook it’s been really nice
chatting with a bunch of you guys on Facebook about various things I actually
had one of the the Facebook friends name is Jacob he he made me this this dial
right here this little this paper turret markings for my my elevation turret so
thanks a bunch Jacobs and yeah thanks a bunch to red castle for hosting this
event and yeah letting a kind of a noob like me out here to play and yeah I
hope next time that I can do that that was in yard match which is coming up in
October it’s gonna be a long time but in the meantime you guys I’ll see if I can
come up with another way to demonstrate long-range work with this maybe I
can find someone’s personal property that I can get a thousand yards on and
maybe there’s another match in the area where I can do a thousand yard
competition but I would like to show that this is capable at longer range you

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58 thoughts on “$500 Savage Axis in a 600-Yard Match – Did it work? | The Social Regressive

  1. I too am guilty of using Simmons in the past! They're perfectly fine for varmint rigs out to 400- thx for your detailed uploads.

  2. When this project is concluded – it would be nice to see how big an improvement can be made for a reasonable amount of $$$. How much would better glass, say a $300-500 scope, impact the performance?

  3. I have to watch your updated videos on what you did, but I'm still going for the 7mm08 in a Savage Axis, but I'm dropping the standard stock and going with the MDT-LSS, same stock the Mossberg MVP Lightweight Chassis uses. Overall weight with scope and bipod with the 6061-T6 aluminum stock is 10lbs. At $400 I think it could do well in a budget billed (under $1000). Like you I'm small framed and lack of meat on the shoulders, my .308 rifle beats me up pretty well. So I'm hoping with the proper setup, I'm hoping the 7mm08 and stock won't murder my shoulder.

  4. Im not trying to be critical of you I was skinny too about 4 years ago. start eating more and hit the gym. put on some mass and it will help your shooting the more muscle and strength you have can help. also a bag of rice in a sock works as a sand bag

  5. awesome I'm glad to hear it. I know it's hard to juggle all the responsibility of life Ive started a family recently and with 70 to 80 hours a week it's not easy to find time for anything but sleep. I haven't been to the range in a couple months. I really enjoy your channel thanks

  6. I'm glad I came across this. I have a model 11 in 7mm-08. I've been shooting it from the bench lots lately and I'm so sore. I thought this cartridge would kick way less but I can't see a difference from .308. The rifle is completely stock and way light. Thought I was just weak lol

  7. I tell you what ,I could head shoot figure targets at 600 with the SLR 7.62 or otherwise known as the FAL rifle 7.62 when I did my recruit / IET training ,,,it did not have a scope , just a peep ,,,,,,but a REAL rifle ,not for shirt lifters lol

  8. have a hunt for a proper competition shooters jacket with built in shoulder and elbow pads ,plus a mitt for left hand to isolate body vibrations,once you get into real recoil causing flinching ,it must be pulled up fast or will be devastating on scores and moral. My old bull barrel Omark 7.62 still thumps with big pills ,make a better stock to fit you and pack it full of lead front and back ,but make it balance on your fore hand if you can .But you MUST be comfortable to enjoy the shoot . Targets UP !

  9. You make no sense,,Why use a cheap scope to shoot 1000 yds? or 600 for that matter…Then bitch about it..

  10. Haven't heard from you in awhile…South of Dallas we are now shooting Steel Silhouette Critter targets… 1st link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRiV9Hrj-OEthen the club itself  2nd link…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_fXXALcnBw&feature=youtu.beThey really have expensive equipment…SO I just put up my competition rifle and I am giving them headaches with the 7 mm 08 hunting rifle…when are you coming down ?

  11. Just thought I'd come back to this one and comment on the Axis I talked about on a different video. My wife's .243 Axis that with handloads is into the 1/2in range. Boyds in the future but a little hesitant to spend the money as I don't know how much better this rifle or I can shoot. I'm not sure how much of a better dollar value is out there than this Savage.

     On the $165 T/C Compass. Here is the breakdown of costs so far:
    T/C Rifle in 30-06: $165 after rebate. This rifle comes with a MOA guarantee, adjustable trigger and a threaded barrel
    Weaver Rings: $10
    Surefire Procomp Muzzlebreak: $53
    Nikon Scope: $100. I had a 3x9x40 BDC sitting on the shelf for a different hunting rifle so I'm putting it on for now to test reloads at 100yrds. When I get the reloads dialed in I'll pick up a long range scope. The Vortex I'm looking at I found used online for $325

    So I'm at about $330 as it sits and estimate about $500 with the final scope.

  12. here is the thing I am just learning to use a mil dot scope I have a range finder. but calling wind and making adjustments well we will just say needs help. I don't want to spend a hole lot right now until a have better fundamentals . it will be on a t/c venture chambered in 308win

  13. You went with a Simmons….. good lord that's like saying you wanna build a race care and putting a neon engine in it…. I've found Leupolds and Vortex scopes on eBay and other online shopping sites for $100-$170 they are real scopes…. not an air gun scope which is all Simmons are good for

  14. Dude… Instead of adding weight to the gun it looks to like you need to eat some ham sandwiches.. lol…Hell!! A big gust of wind and you're liable to get blown away…. LMAO. Good video. Really would of liked to see a group at 600 though.

  15. honestly, you would have been better off with a stevens, better barrel quality and the actions a bit smoother, the trigger is crap but youd have more of a budget for better glass at that price point, also on a budget, primary arms makes some pretty high quality glass for under 150, but i found this entire series of videos very interesting and it looks like you puit alot of work into it and did well with what you had thumbs up for that 🙂

  16. As a High Master F-class shooter can I give you some advice? Don't come off the stock between shots. Once I establish a cheek weld I don't come off the stock for the entire 20 round stage. We shoot 20 rounds per distance.

  17. You cannot be remotely successful with the garbage optics you're using. a $100.00 scope for F-class, are you kidding me? We only shoot Leupold's or Night Force scopes in our F-class group. Glass is everything in precision rifle shooting. My F-class rifle also weighs 17 pounds. Put some lead behind your butt plate. Again, if you can't afford quality, save your money until you can.

  18. You wanted to stay within some ridiculous budget of $500.00. What about the hours of your time you wasted doing all this DIY crap? Did you add those to the project? Aren't your hours worth some money?

  19. So, how would a magnum kickpad work?? Ive got em on all my kickers & it REALLY helps me & Im a lil guy. Even my 45/70 lever gun is managable for a few shots. W/O the kickpad it will break your shoulder. Pushing a 420 grain slug out at 2100 FPS is some serious recoil.

  20. What kind of match is that I see people shooting sling/iron sight next to people firing front/rear rest as well as bipod rear bag with muzzle breaks?

  21. Sort of suspicious he fell sick at the last second and missed the one defining match of success or failure for the project. Hoping he later went out and shot a 1000 with it. Still very impressed at the effort made, but considering how it did at 600, pretty sure he would have wasted his time in a 1000 competition. 500 bucks to COMPETE at 1000…hell nope.

  22. A bipod could help with recoil. Some of the kinetic energy will go into the ground. Threading the barrel and adding a muzzle break will also help.

  23. Marines did this same course back in the 40's with the M1 Garand and iron sights…..same "ready on the right, ready on the left, fire when ready". They covered the holes with white patches when the targets were lowered and called out scores.

  24. I have a Savage 243 Boyd Heritage stock with a Bushnell 10×40 and pick off coyotes running at 250 yards..What's up with people wanting to play sniper games

  25. Huge fan!! Was wanting to get some input about getting into competition shooting. I'm doing my first match in July (200yd,300yd, and 600yd), my rifle setup and load are completely dialed in (.34 moa at 100 consistently) but was wondering if you had any advise on shooting prone or front rest bench?

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