5 Gardening Tips in 5 Minutes | Collab with Jane Kelly

Hello, a little while ago Jane Kelly from
Jane’s allotment invited me to join in her 5 in 5 challenge and that’s
five gardening tips in five minutes. I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. So I’ll set a timer going and we’ll
start now! So my first tip is to dream big, let your imagination run wild, think
of all the things you want in your garden and all things you want to grow. But start small, so start by creating
just a small area or one raised bed and just concentrate on one space at a time.
Get that how you want it and then move on to the next one and that way you
won’t feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Get brave and experiment and try new
varieties or completely new things that you haven’t grown before. This runner bean
has a variety called White Lady which I found about 20 years ago and I
absolutely loved it and I’ve grown it every year. But I still experiment with trying
other varieties to see if I like those as well. And as part of that experimenting
I grew borlotti beans. So I hadn’t tried these until about three or four years ago,
they’re amazing, they’re absolutely lovely. I love the taste of them and I
have grown them, well I grew so many of them in the second year that I didn’t
need to grow any last year, so I’ve grown some more now and I’ll continue growing
these, but if it wasn’t for experimenting I would never have found them. And to add
to my collection of extraordinary vegetables I’ve just harvested the first
jumbo pink banana squash, which is still fairly yellow, but as it ages it looks more
pink. And it’s….it’s huge! It’s also worth saving your own seeds. So save seeds from year to year, it will save you money. But
not only that, these seeds will have become acclimatize to the local
conditions here. They’ll be stronger, they’ll be sturdier, they’ll be more
resistant to the local conditions. But you can also take cuttings, layer plants
and divide them. Whichever way is keep those plants that you really like going. And don’t be afraid to ask for help,
whether that is advice on how to grow something or whether you want to have a
piece of somebody else’s plant. Gardeners by nature tend to be very generous, so if
you said I really like this (what we’ve got here) penstemon, is there any chance I
could have a cutting? Many gardeners will just happily give you a cutting to take
home and grow on for yourself. Ill put this one in a pot. And cuttings of a white
climbing rose, these were given to me by my friend Jane, so she took these
cuttings. And lastly don’t forget to spend a bit of time in your garden just
enjoying it, not working in it, appreciating the beauty that’s around
you or how productive your space is. You just have a little bit of time with you
and nature and relaxing. If you’re enjoying this video, please
give it a thumbs up or leave a comment and if you haven’t done so already,
please consider subscribing to the channel. And the final part of Jane’s challenge is to tag three more channels to join in. And so I’m tagging Erica at Erica’s Little Welsh Garden, Geoff at Brimwood Farm
and Rose over at Wholesome Roots And if you’re not familiar with those
channels or with Jane’s, I’ll leave the information in the
description below. They’re brilliant channels it’s really worth checking them

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27 thoughts on “5 Gardening Tips in 5 Minutes | Collab with Jane Kelly

  1. Liz this is such a wonderful video! I love the music and the shots and everything!! Amazing job☺️

  2. Excellent tips Liz. Lovely video. The music was so nice too. Can't wait to see what the nominated channels do, ?xx

  3. Great tips Liz I am planning my own garden for the spring 2020 unfortunately have to retire from work age 45 I live in Ireland on 1 acre and now plan raised beds in spring and hopefully bee keeping late 2020 between your knowledge and Hew Richards knowledge also I should have few problems stay Healthy ……..

  4. Great tips! Especially the experimentation. My biggest thing is not to stress or feel like you cant try something. Growing things is far easier than most people think! And if something doesnt work, at least you had the joy to learn more about them!

  5. Hi Liz wonderfully done music and shots and your last bit about taking time to just sit and enjoy is the most important for me personally. All the best Bill and Val

  6. Great tips….as always, Thanks.
    Love tip one, think big. I have no worries there. I struggle with tip 2 though since I became a Daddy, very hard to decide just how big to go.
    I can go as big as 20acres…..just dont know how or where to start (Though I'm guessing much much smaller than 20 acres to start ?….maybe 1/8 of an acre?)
    Id love to run some ideas by you. I have a little vision of how things could be someday but I know I'd need to get like minded people on board who have the knowledge and experience that I dont have and be able to give something back to them in return.
    Would it be ok if I sent you an email please?

  7. Agreed, lovely music….& beautiful footage…not to mention great tips? Love Jane & you too…I’ve learned so much from you both & have found so many great channels & Gardeners’ because of you both! Thanks ladies!

  8. Thanks for the tips. Yes! Dream big about the garden. I have been doing that in my urban garden. I have been working that way by starting small and creating new growing areas. I have branched out from what I am comfortable with to try kale and watermelon in my urban zone 6 garden. I need to save seeds. I love your video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of gardening!

  9. Great tips! That's one of the many joys my garden gives me; being able to experiment, grow new things and varieties every year, and to grow things I'd never find in a store, alongside all my old favorites. 🙂

  10. This is lovely Liz – I could have watched the musical bits for hours! Some lovely advice there and beautifully put together. Thanks also for the shout out – it'd be lovely to meet some new 'faces'!

  11. Great video, brilliant tips and wonderful music. One question, at 1:00 you show a bush with reddish berries on it…what is that? It looks like a filler we use in bouquets here in the states…thank you!

  12. Liz , that was so traquil, it was like a form of meditation. Thankyou so much for taking time to make a beautiful video.

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