3 Easy Simple Makeup Looks for Beginners. Flowers Inspired Makeup Tutorial. Flower TimeLapse.

For hundreds of years people have given flowers
to their loved ones as a token of love, friendship, appreciation and compassion. Their fragile
and incredible beauty always had the power to delight and enchant.
Because they signify cheerfulness, gerbera daisies are often chosen for celebratory occasions
such as weddings and birthdays. They symbolize friendship and good luck. After priming, swipe
a soft corally orange color across the lids. Keep it very soft, there’s no need for opaque
shadows here. Flower inspired makeup is all about soft lines,
happy colors and fresh glow. Orange flowers like orange/day lilies symbolize
excitement and passion but also devotion and freedom from worries.
On the outer part apply a deeper and more vivid corally shade for a slightly more vibrant
look. Blend the edges very well. A matte shadow close to your skintone can make the blending
part a lot easier. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with
a yellow eyeshadow Orange colors, especialy when applied softly
like ours here, can wash the face out. Therefore, it is important to use the liner to return
that excitement to the eyes. I am lining my lower lashline with olive green shadow and
the upper with a black. Stay away from the gel liners, eyeshadows used as a liner will
keep the eyes softer. I am lining my waterline with black pencil liner. Then it’s time for
mascara and some fairly natural false lashes. For the blush chose a warm color: a nude pink
as me or a peachy, browny shade. The same goes for the lips, let the eyes be the center
of attention. Any type of yellow flower, from roses to tulips
and daffodils, symbolizes new beginnings and bright, sunny days. Prime the lids with a
golden base. On top I am applying a golden- yellowy shade and on the outer part of the
lid I am using a slightly darker yellow, almost orange shadow to give some dimension. Blend
the upper edge and bring the orange shade into the crease for a little bit more depth.
The iris flower was named after the ancient Greek goddess Iris who was the God’s messenger.
Iris means “rainbow” in their language and was considered to be the bond between Earth
and heaven. This flower was symbolized the concept of communication.
Specifically, the three petals of the iris flower represent faith, wisdom and valor or
bravery. Today, the iris also represents admiration and friendship.
Line the upper lashline with a soft brown shade. Highlight the inner corners of your
eyes — I decided to go for a yellowy — green tone. Line the waterline with white eyeliner
if you want your eyes to look bigger and more awake. For a special pop I applied some gold
glitter eyeliner in the inner cornes as well. Don’t forget about mascara as it will make
a huge difference when using very light eyeshadows. For the cheeks I chose a corally pink creme
blush which gives me the most natural glow. Nude pink lipliner and a very sheer moisturizing
lipstick and the makeup is complete. To achieve that sparkly, radiant yet still
soft and gentle look inspired by beautiful amaryllis we’re first going to apply some
base on the lid and a shimmery white on top. Concentrate the most of the color on the lid
and blend up to the brow. To give some depth and dimension to the eyes, gently swipe a
soft brown color to your crease. The word “amaryllis” means “to sparkle,” in Greek referring
to the bloom. Today, the amaryllis symbolizes pride, determination and radiant beauty–the
kind that emanates from an inner source and flowers outward.
Once you blend the crease color really well, apply a slightly darker brown with a smaller
brush. Make sure you’re using matte colors in the crease. For more sparkle I am adding
a bit more of white under the brows. Next line your lower lashline with the same darker
brown as used in the crease. On the upper lashline I am using a bronze red color. Again
I went for the yellow in the teardot area. To get a more radiant look on the eyes I decided
to glam them up with some pinky-red glitter liner. Apply mascara and a very soft peachy-pink
blush because lips will get that pop of color. I opted for a vibrant corally-red lipstick
to complete this look. To me flowers represent the joy of living.
They accompany us through the happy moments – births, birthdays, special achievements,
celebrations and weddings. Flowers are coloring our planet and our lives with their eternal
beauty, they bring smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts.

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