1997 NFL Highlight – Detroit Lions Barry Sanders 2000 Yards

Barry is either right at 2,000 and
that’s apparently what he is if according to our records he would be at
2,000 yards so it was a two yard carry the ball was at the 42 he got to the 44
and that’ll be 2,000 it certainly will not be one of those calls where it’ll be
an exciting highlight. Yes the ref is bringing the ball and going over to Barry to give him the ball. Yes Barry Sanders will get the football officially 2000 yards right on button
[Applause] so if barry looses a yard on the next play are they going to take the ball away … one of the most humble people in
the world now he raises his left arm that’s about
as the demonstrative is he’s going to get that’s as excited as you’ll see Barry and
he pointed at the crowd I think thanking them.. 2,000 yards and he got it on a two
yard carry he needed to he got to it was not a dramatic carry but that is
probably highlights his character second down and eight at the 44. 13-10 Detroit. Barry cut back now he’s got it! 50 40 30 lookout! right side 20…15 to the 10..the 5. He’s well over 2000 now ! They can’t take that ball away from him!
Barry Sanders, as good as it gets [Applause]
who knows he might catch Dickerson before it’s all over
2053 yards [Music] [Music]

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