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The rains are here in Mumbai and it is a perfect
time for plant lovers to go shopping for plants. And the best place to go shopping is to your
local nursery. And if you ask me why I will say that its
because this is the time during the rains that nurseries stock up a lot of different
varieties of plants because plants are thriving and they are growing. So they stock up a lot of rare plants a lot
of different plants and capitalize on that, go to your local nursery and buy as many plants
as you can afford. Now I did that, I went to my local nursery
and I bought all these plants and I am so excited to share them with you. I want to show each one of them to you and
I will be doing that in a couple of minutes. But before I do that I would like to remind
you about last weeks video which was an unboxing video where I bought 4 plants online and I
unboxed them right in front of you. If you haven’t seen that video, you can always
check it out. The link is right there in the description
box below. The plants that I bought last week cost me
Rs.1400 and they were just 4 plants and they were pretty small sized plants. Now the plants that you see here, all of them
together cost me not more than Rs.2200-2300. Most of these plants here cost me around Rs.200
to Rs.150. Some 100 and some even below 100. Now I don’t remember the prices for each one
of them but some of them yes, I do remember. And as I talk to you about them I will definitely
tell you how much they cost me if I remember them. I am really really excited about this one
because this is the angel wing begonia. Now this is not the polka dotted begonia that
I spoke about some time ago in my plant wishlist video. It is a little different from that but it
is an angel wing begonia. That is why you can see that the undersides
are all red. The leaves are all glossy green and the shape
of the leaves resemble angel wings. So that’s why it is called angle wing begonia. And now there are spots on it, not all the
leaves have spots, the spots are not very prominent but I will show you a close-up probably
and you can see there are tiny spots on the leaves here. Now this plant really excites me because we
have been looking for something like this for a very long time and the first time I
have seen these rare begonias in our Indian market. Now when I went to my local nursery he didn’t
know the variants names because they don’t have much information on that. He just called it a begonia. And here we have to ourselves research and
find out what plant we own. So that is on us. So this is a very good buy, I got it for just
Rs.200, which is very very cheap and I don’t think you can get it for such a good rate
other than your local nursery. This is another begonia that I found which
is called the Begonia Maurice Amy. If you look at the leaves carefully, its dark
green with a lot of silverish pink variegation on it. And the undersides are again red. So I really like this plant and I just got
it for Rs.200. I am really happy about the price as well. This here is the oxalis triangularis and it
is a very pretty looking plant. It is very delicate, it looks delicate as
well. If you look at the stalks they are all white
and at the end of the stalk there are these dark maroonish purple leaves which are triangle
in shape and there are three leaves on each tip of the stock. Now this plant is pretty delicate because
when I was handling it just now I broke a few stalks. So you have to be very careful while handling
it. Otherwise this plant, if it gets a lot of
sunlight – a decent amount of sunlight and good water it survives well. Its a bulbous plant. This is not the first one that I have owned,
I also had this for the past 4 years when I had been to Kerala and had acquired it from
one of my husbands cousins. And it has been with me ever since and I love
this plant. So if you notice I haven’t re-potted any of
these plants that I have got from the nursery. Just kept them as it is. Now once I finish this video I will be slowly
transferring them to better pots. I really don’t remember how much I paid for
this one. You can see this plant, the leaves are all
closed because we are shooting this video in the evening and that is what the butterfly
plant does, it just closes its leaves in the evening. This one is another pretty plant. It is called the Calathea Roseopicta which
is also known as the dottie plant. Now if you look at the leaves it has got a
dark purple colour with a line that runs on the borders on the edges of the leaves, which
is slightly pinkish. You can see a close up of these leaves, its
really gorgeous. Now the plant that I brought had an insect
on it and it had eaten up around three of my leaves. There are holes in them. But I caught that insect and I have removed
him from the plant. So this is a really really gorgeous calathea
here. Now calatheas are good indoor plants. They are a little on the delicate side. You have to be really careful when you keep
a Calathea. You have to give it a lot of attention and
you have to care for it really well. Otherwise their leaves will start drying up
and they start getting tip burns. I don’t think I paid more that Rs.200 for
this one. It is a small plant but it is pretty rare. So I got another dieffenbachia, this is a
spotted dieffenbachia. You can see that it has got a beautiful variegation
on its leaves and it is really bright and green so I liked it and I picked it up. I got it for I think Rs.100 which is quite
OK, the price is quite good. So when I tilt it I think you can have a better
look at how its leaves are, how beautiful they are. I think I am pretty happy with this buy because
I love buying indoor plants. This one is the philodendron oxycardium red. Red because it has actually got a reddish
tinge to its leaves. If you look closely you can see that reddish
tinge. Or probably if you look at the underside over
here you can see how it is reddish. Probably in the closeup you will get a better
look at it. When you look at it from far it looks more
green but it is a really pretty climber. I really like how this plant looked. It has got many vines coming out and if I
probably put a moss stick or something it will probably climb up that stick. So I really found this plant very pretty. Its got many vines coming out here you can
see. I probably will get it to climb up something
and I think its really going to add value to my balcony garden. This one cost me just around Rs.40. Its very cheap so I just grabbed it. This very plant here is the Tradescantia Fluminensis,
the variegated variant. And I am very excited about this plant because
I already own the Tradescantia Zebrina and the Tradescantia Paleda which is also known
as purple heart. Now these plants are from the spider-wort
family and they are commonly called wandering Jew. So.. they look really beautiful in hanging
baskets and they are extremely easy to propagate. You just have to pluck out a stalk and put
it in the soil and it catches root. This one costs me Rs.150. This one here is a Ficus Elastica the rubber
plant but it is a different variant that’s why I picked it up. It is called the Schrijveriana. I am not sure about the pronunciation, but
that is what it is called. Now if you look at the variegation on the
leaves it is very different. The leaves are slightly lemonish green and
they are pale. And the variegation is very light. So I really like how it looks. You can see it clearly. Its quite pretty. There is damage to one leaf here. I think there is a little damage.. when you
go to nurseries you do get a lot of damaged plants too. But sometimes you have to overlook that because
you are getting it at very cheap rates. This here is another Calathea that I got and
it is called the Calathea Rufibarba. Now I really loved this, it has got dark green
glossy leaves as you can see here. And what I loved the most is undersides of
this plant. If you touch it, it has got a velvet finish. It is so smooth and soft to touch. I really loved it and it is also got a purplish
maroon dark coloured underside which gives it a lot of interest. Now if you look at it like this you can see
how beautiful the foliage is. And it is pretty dense too. So I really really loved this plant. Again it is a Calathea so I have to really
be careful with it and keep an eye on it to see how it is behaving in my house. I don’t think I paid more than Rs.200 for
this one. This here is the Cordyline Terminalis also
known as the Chocolate Queen. Now this is known as the chocolate queen for
a reason because it is got chocolatey brown variegation on its leaves. If you see the new one here.. there is a new
leaf coming here and its pretty brown. The edges of this leaf is white .. yellowish
white and there is green and brown variegation on the leaf which makes this plant look really
good. The confusion often arises because both the
Draceana and the Cordyline Terminalis belong to the same Asparagaceae family.And that is
why there is a confusion.. they look also.. they also look pretty similar. So that is how you can get confused what its
being called. This one cost me around Rs.200. People who know me and people who have seen
my v previous videos will know that I love these plants. Now these are Aglaonema and they are absolutely
gorgeous plants. Also they are extremely hardy and very easy
to keep as begginers gardeners. This one is the Aglaonema Total or its also
called .. its been referred to as Aglaonema Striped. If you look at the leaves, they have these
striped variegation on them and its stalks are white so it makes it look really really
pretty. Its quite a tall plant and the one here also
is an aglaoenema, but I am not sure of what variant it is. What I like about this one is that it has
got a very fine white edge on the leaf. If you see it closely you can see that white
line. As if somebody has taken a white marker and
made a border for this leaf. So it looks very pretty. Again the stalk is nice and white. I feel these plants are pretty healthy. Only this one has a yellow spot here. And one of its leaves started yellowing so
I plucked it off. But otherwise they are pretty healthy plants
and I think they are a good bargain. Again I didn’t spend more than Rs.200 for
these two. I mean for each of them. This one here is the Philodendron Erubescens
or the red emerald. This plant as you can see is in a very bad
condition. The leaves here have browned and they have
broken. There is damage on this, this, this leaf and
there is a little browning on this leaf. And it urgently needs to be potted out of
this pot because its.. the roots have all come out from the bottom if you can see here. The roots are all coming out. And the plant itself is not able to stand
steady. So why did I buy a plant in this condition
because I felt that this plant is pretty rare and I really wanted this plant for sometime. If you can see this is a very beautiful plant
with beautiful red stalks and really big leaves. So probably I brought it with an idea in mind
that I will nurse it back to health and its a good buy. I got it very cheap, I think I got it for
Rs.100 because of the damage that it already has on it. Sometimes we need to make such decisions where
we buy damaged plants. But I would suggest that if you don’t know
about a plant don’t buy plants that are already damaged. Buy plants that are in very good health. So that you have a better chance at keeping
it surviving. Sometimes you can do things like this. I just couldn’t resist looking at this plant,
I felt so sorry for it that I had to pick it up and this was the only one that they
had. They didn’t have another one of the same plant. So that’s why I picked it up. I think I am pretty happy with it. Probably somewhere down the line I will do
an update on this plant, if I am able to save it and if I am able to nurse it back to health
I think it will be a really good story to tell. So lets hope this plant does well. So we have come to the last plant but definitely
not the least. I have saved the very best buy for the very
end. This is the Ficus Lyrata or the fiddle leaf
fig. And it is a very popular indoor plant. It needs a little bit of sunlight and good
water to thrive. So I dont keep it indoors because I have very
less sunlight indoors. I keep it in my balcony. Now this plant has been doing well since the
time I brought it. And it has been something I have wanted for
a very long time. Its a plant that gets good height and its
a plant that grows pretty tall and it looks very good when it is fully grown. Now you wont believe me when I tell you this
that I got this plant for just Rs.200 which is unbelievable for me because at this size
and such good health, its really really a great price to get this plant. Now you can see it clearly that its a really
really good and healthy plant. I love the way it looks. It has got a lot of leaves and since the time
I have got it its not shown any signs of discomfort. So I am happy and I keep my fingers crossed
because I want this one to survive. Really happy about this plant. You would ask me how did I get so many plants
for just Rs.2200. And my answer to that would be I brought it
from my local nursery. And this nursery is the place that I have
been going to for so many years and I have built a good relationship and rapport with
this person, with the nurserywala. And every time I go there he gives me really
good rates and I don’t even have to sometimes bargain with him. I don’t have to ask him to get the rates down. It is a long term relationship that we have
built and that’s how it works for me. I do believe that every plant hobbyist must
have a good relationship with their local nurseries. It is absolutely necessary. If you are new around here and if you are
watching our video for the first time don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and also
hit the bell icon to get notifications for new videos. I hope you really enjoyed this video because
I really enjoyed making it. And I loved showing my plants to you. So if you liked the video, don’t forget to
hit the like button and we will see you next week.Stay green!

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