120 Yard Shot With A slingshot, An Entire Football Field With The Axiom (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.9)

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100 thoughts on “120 Yard Shot With A slingshot, An Entire Football Field With The Axiom (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.9)

  1. pickle juice is the best. pickle pops in the summer are even better. i was given a wrist rocket for xmas, as a semi serious gag gift, because we have groundhogs and armadillos tearing up our yard. well, i decided to get an axiom to learn on first after watching your tutorials and watching you shoot for a while. I don't understand what the different pouches mean, though?

  2. I do love a good slingshot and that one is pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing this great video. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more. All the best. Rod

  3. I respect your opinion biblically and I have come across the verse about not eating any animal that has been strangled because the blood has not been drained from it. My shtf survival plans have seriously become comprimised because I had planned on and practiced snares traps and dead falls ! Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Have you ever had one of your straps snap while you had it extended? And would you recommend putting anything like armor all or something on the rubber bands to preserve them and keep them stretchy?

  5. Hey im new to this channel and im interested in buying the wearable replace ment tube but im not sure…can you recommend me a video or make one focusing on this item please. Btw love your slingshot videos keep up the good work!👌

  6. Do a big paper target like they use for arrows then you can see if your even close! Windy day balloons would be very hard, good try though. I like the slow mo jump shot! Were you making a cappuccino in the beginning?

  7. Ciao amico! Potrei sapere che elastici usi ? Dove è possibile acquistare? Grazie e complimenti!!!

  8. F..ck me, are you shooting steel ball and behind your target are cars in traffic? How f..ckt up must you be to do that?

  9. And that is what slingshots are all about ! Getting out in the air and having a good giggle.

    Some class shots lads fairdues 🤘💯

  10. I can see them doing tricks with smoke, bells, horns, whistles, – stuff like that (when, the slingshot whatever is being used… goes to these items and makes it the more entertaining / exciting).

  11. I was gonna say that "no balloons were harmed in the making of this video" but your boy got him on the last shot.

  12. I have enjoyed your slingshot and survival videos…that at 70 yoa…I have gone down the slingshot rabbit hole. The technology has surely changed. What size bearings are you getting out of your gum ball machine?

    Keep up (your devotions) and great videos!

  13. get a much bigger balloon at 120 yds, and put up some sheets or some way to mark your misses so that you can get zeroed in, like Jerry Miculek does his 1000 yd shots with pistols on youtube. You might need a big paper backstop and have a spotter at the 50 yd line with binoculars calling your hits.

  14. Dude.. Every vid your house is like a 15 year olds dream…. Keep it up… Us dad's are jealous.

    Love your vids!

  15. My brothers and I used to do the same thing but we did with 22 rifles iron sights. We also would shoot pine cones out of the tops of the trees, but you had to hit the stem hitting the cone doesn't count

  16. I seemed to notice a LOT of passing traffic as you launched a bazillion balls down range ah a fairly high angle. Yikes, Safety? I love your videos, but this looked like something kids should not have seen man!

  17. Amazing find on the $10 "espresso" machine. It is "espresso" not expresso lol. The window hazards had me on edge but the pool shots were way too much! That could have been really bad! Hahaha

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