10 Vegetable Garden Trellis Ideas

It is always a good idea to grow some plants in the backyard to improve the landscaping. What makes it better is you can improve your backyard landscaping while getting fruiful results. To make it tangible, you need to grow vegetables in your backyard. Growing vegetables allows you to have fresh edible plants. Unfortunately, most veggies require spacious garden to grow, which can be the biggest obstacle for your small backyard. To handle that challenge here I’ve summed up and present 10 vegetable garden trellis ideas that will be the best solutions for your minute backyard. As usual this list is researched and compiled for you by Simphome.com 10. Upcycle Old Wheels Do you have a few old wheels in the garage? Don’t let them overtake the valuable space in your garage, but don’t throw away them either. Let’s try to give them a second life by turning them into a chic trellis for your vegetable garden. Bonus, you can even make use of the wheels which are awkwardly misshapen due to dent. To make trellis out of old wheels, you just need to install some wooden posts to support the wheels. Tie one wheel to another, and tie the all to the wooden support. Then, put one or two potted vines near the wooden support. Train them to climb up the wheels, and let them do the rest. 9. Simple Wood and Wire Trellis This is one of the most common trellis ideas used by many gardeners. Its simplicity and practicality suit any savvy gardener a lot. To make this trellis, you will just need to install wooden posts in a raised bed. Add wires across the posts and secure them by twisting both ends to the wooden posts. Besides using wire, you can also opt for threads and nails for a more effortless trellis. Once the trellis is up and installed perfectly, you may need to tie some young plants to the supports to encourage them to grow up in the right direction. 8. DIY Bike Rim Trellis If you happen to have a couple of bike rims, don’t throw them away because you can make a chic vegetable trellis from them. This vegetable trellis looks like a tube standing on a raised bed. Once your vegetables wrap around the wires completely, your trellis will look terrific! But first of all, you need to make the trellis. To make this trellis, you will need two recycled bike rims, wire, garden twine, and upright metal bar. First, connect the bike rims together using the metal bar. Make sure one end of the bar stuck in the ground. Then begin tying the wire or garden twine with one rim to the other tightly so that the structure won’t come apart at the first blow of the wind. Next, place the plants at the base of each wire, and you’re good to go. 7. A Vegetable Archway Idea Take your vegetable trellis to the next level by incorporating an arch. An archway has never failed to improve any backyard landscaping. Not only does it make your backyard look more impressive, but also add more space for your vegetables to grow. You can invest in a ready-made arch or simply make this DIY arch. To make this trellis, you will need two 4×16 cattle panels, six electric fence stakes, and twist ties. If you happen to have a spacious backyard, you can try making a large archway so that you can grow more veggies, and adore the vivid tomaoes and grapes hanging over your head. 6. A-Frame Vegetable Trellis This A-frame trellis never gets old. It has been widely used by many avid gardeners to do vertical gardening. To make this trellis, cut 2 6-foot boards in half. Now you get 4 3-foot pieces. Then put together two of these 3-foot pieces and other two 6-foot boards so that you form a “picture frame” shape. Secure them using screws. Repeat these steps to get another “picture frame”. Next, cover one side of each frame using hardware cloth. Secure it using your staple gun. Repeat these steps for the other frame. Screw in two hinges at the top of the frame to form an A. Now, it’s time to make the “feet” pieces by cutting another 6-foot board in half. Then, cut diagonally across the 3-foot piece to form two “feet” pieces. Last, Screw the feet to the frame. 5. Bamboo and Twine Making trellis from bamboos and twines will help you have a nest egg as the materials are inexpensive and easy to find. There are many ways to form a trellis for your vegetables using bamboos and twines. You can try creating a teepee by spacing 4-8 canes or bamboos at equal intervals around a circle marked out in the ground. You can use a traditional trash can to mark the circle. Then tie the top of canes or bamboos together using strings or wires. You can also make a long wall by arranging two lines of poles about a foot apart. Then tie the tops together. Place a stake on top of the poles to make them stable. Keep in mind that bamboo trellis can work well with pole and runner beans. They are not recommended for peas since the smooth surface gives a more difficult time for the peas to attach. 4. Colorful Obelisk Trellis This obelisk will not only help your vegetables thrive well, but also add more style to your garden. To make these obelisks, you will need some boards, screws, a weekend, and a little bit of elbow grease. More importantly, you need your creativity to do this job because you’re gonna paint them to jazz your garden up. 3. Crib Trellis Making a trellis from an old crib? Why not? You don’t need to be an avid carpenter yo make this trellis. You just need to find an old crib in a flea market, repaint it if necessary, then attach it on the fence or wall. You can also install stakes in the ground to hold the crib. 2. Crochet String Trellis Project idea This idea needs your skills in crocheting. It might look complicated, yet it can be fun as well. You just need to make a certain pattern you like, then attach it to the poles. Place the crochet trellis in your garden, and you’ll get both trellis and art. YouTube it or ask your mom in case she already knew the best way to transfer her crochet knowledge. Lastly number 1. Inexpensive Trellis Project idea Making a trellis doesn’t have to be arduous. You can even use stakes and threads to make a very simple trellis. As a bonus, stakes provide built-in vertical hooks for vining veggies to grip hold of. This image is self explanatory but if you still need more information, I welcome you to visit link pasted inside description area. So, those are 10 vegetable garden trellis ideas that you can copy. They are easy to install, and make a great trellis for your space-saving garden.

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