(Music Playing) (Wengie Intro) (Camera shifts) Can I get a double chin here? Ah! there it is! Hey guys! It’s Wengie, Welcome back. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, right now Hug. So this week I have some super amazing transformations for you guys I’m going to be transforming plastic bottles, you drink from every single day Show you how to make amazing, wonderful, organizers, and other amazing things you can use. And they literally look store bought, some of them But I really can’t wait to show you guys, are going love these DIY’s and Hacks (Music sound effect) Hold up! If you guys aren’t part of the Fam yet here already I encourage you guys to join! Just click the “Subscribe” Button If you guys are new to the fam, Welcome! If you guys are part of the Fam already, you guys know this week we’re announcing the winners of the MacBook Air giveaway So congradulationnnnsss, Drum Roll everyone! Annnd bam! *Congrats Just Annabelle!* You’re gonna get your Macbook Air super soon! And if you guys want another giveaway and you missed out, don’t forget to do this weeks Like Challenge Let’s get to 150,000 thumbs ups! If we can do that, we’re gonna run another giveaway next week! Hit the thumbs up! I really appreciate every single thumbs up you guys give me Thank you so much! And without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! You ate all the skittles! Don’t worry! There’s more! Hold on -grabs a bag of Skittles- -Pours skittles into bowl- Huh? There, happy? HACK 1 – FOOD SAVER! This hack, to seal open plastic packaging is SO easy to do. Just take any empty bottle, use an xacto knife to make a cut near the top of the bottle, and then cut around the rest using some scissors! Trim off any sharp edges and you’re done! So the next time you’re finished snacking, just use this hack to keep your food from going stale, and possibly protect it from hungry unicorns! -Hey Wendy, can I get some water? -Sure! Help yourself! *Pokes* *sniff sniff* What is this? Hellooooo? HACK 2 – WATER FILTER! Did you know you can save a fair bit of money by making your own water filter system? All you need is a 1.25 Liter bottle and a filter Cut the bottle about 2/3 from the bottom first And then cut off the cap from the top piece an then you’ll be left with a round gap which you’ll need to slowly enlight with scissors Until you can fit the bottom of the filter in perfectly Once you’re happy with the fit, hot glue the filter to the bottle so that it’s water tight Next, mark out a spot near the top of the lower-bottle and cut a small circle out. Next, hot glue the edge of the bottle cap and stick it over the hole and make sure it’s water tight aswell! And that’s it! It should look something like this! Just add in water at the top, and you’ll slowly see the water filter through into the bottom section When you’re ready, just pour into the glass like this and drink your hard-earned filtered water! HACK 3 – GARDEN HOSE You can make your own garden hose spray by poking some holes into a bottle. I used some screws for this and basically and just poked a whole bunch of them so they are facing a single direction! Then placed your hose end into the bottle and use duct tape to seal any gaps! Turn on the tap and tada! It might not be super flushy but it works and it’s free as long as you have a bottle! HACK 4 – TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER This toothbrush holder is so easy and cute! Just take any 3 bottle caps and stick them onto your bathroom wall with either blue-tack or strong double sided tape Leaving a small gap for your toothbrushes to fit in! That way the bottom of your brushes don’t sit in some grimy cup and, you’re welcome! HACK 5 – PORTABLE CONTAINER To make this super cute container, all you need is 2 bottles, a plastic cup and a handsaw First, roughly saw off each bottle top just under the cap, it’s okay if this part is a little uneven, because we’re gonna take some sandpaper and smooth out the cut edge Do this another time so you end up with 2 bottle tops with the lids still attached Next cut out the bottom from a clear plastic cup Use hot glue around the edges of one lid and glue the plastic piece onto it When its dry you can cut off the excess plastic from the edges And then hot glue the rim of the other lid and glue this onto the other side of the plastic This creates two pockets for you to store anything you like i use some moisturizing cream on one side for when my skin gets dry and im out and then i melted some vasline and lipstick in the other contanier to make a really cute tinted lip balm (Music Plays as lipstick melts) And the let it cool and set in the contanier ( Music Plays) I love this becuse it looks super cute,also very small and portable and perfect for travel You can put anything you like into these not just what i used such as mints or even jelwrey (Music) If you have those glass ketcup bottles that are just impossible to pur evenly You can make your own nozzle with a plastic bottle

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  1. I just watch DIYs for the sake of watching them and think to myself maybe one day I’ll actually not be lazy and do one of these

  2. I always use these diys for my room cause we moved into a new how a few months ago but I’m too lazy to do them a watched like a million diys and I only did one of them lol

  3. Hello… let’s play spot the difference

    Where is the pretty face?

    You can’t find it because you are the pretty face!

  4. 6:15

    When ppl wake up “A beautiful day today!” – sits up to go get water-

    Me: wakes up- “ where am eh?” Goes back to sleep

  5. Who els does what wengie said and just watches diys but then gets lazy and never does, like if u feel my pain

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