10 MUST KNOW GARDENING TERMS | Gardening Basics Part 1

1. Guirella Gardening: This means Gardening on
a land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights or permission to cultivate, such
as abandoned sites or public properties � the commonest example is gardening outside our
homes like alongside the footpaths or similar areas. 2. Leaf Galls / Leaf Bumps: are Odd little bumps
or Funny looking protuberances on leaves. This can be an Indication of pest attack – usually
the result of mites and other sucking insects that make their homes under the plant tissue. 3. Deadheading � similar to pruning or pinching
branches to promote more branching. Dead heading means Removing faded or dry and
dead flowers from your plant. Just cut of the twig holding the flower or
the entire branch if there are no more flowers or buds left. This diverts the plants energy in more blooming
and more branching rather than setting seeds for reproduction. 4. Humus � A black or brown organic substance
made up of decomposed vegetable waste or even animal matter. This includes decaying leaves, insects, twigs
and many other materials. Composted food and garden scraps are human-made
humus. This is very useful and provides many essential
nutrients for plants. 5. Hardening off � To Gradually acclimatize
your seedlings to outdoor sunlight , temperature, wind and humidity and before transplanting
them into the garden or containers. General Rule of thumb is introduce them gradually
to sunlight, like 1 hours for day 1, 2 hours for day 2, 3 hours for day 3 and so on. 6. Biological Pest Control: Using living organisms
such as beneficial insects or parasites like lady bugs to destroy garden pests. Watch a detailed video on these useful insects
from a card linked at top right corner of this video. 7. Chlorosis: A yellowing or blanching of the
leaves due to lack of chlorophyll, nutrient deficiencies or disease. Watch a detailed video on diagnosing and treatement
this leaf yellowing problem from a card linked at top right corner of this video. 8. Foliar Feeding or Fertilizing: A technique
of feeding plants by applying liquid fertilizer directly to plant leaves. This is generally done using a sprayer or
mister with liquid fertilizers like the seed weed extract or even various teas like the
compost tea, bone tea and even water soluble NPK feed. 9. Worm Casting or Vermicompost: This is nothing
but the digested organic waste of earth worms � that is the excreta of earthworms. Gardeners consider them the most nutrient
organic compost available which also includes various essential micronutrients for your
plants. 10. Damping off � A disease or condition that
causes seedlings to weaken and die. The Decay or rotting of young seedlings at
ground level following fungal attack. This is often due to soil borne diseases and
over watering. Damping off can also result in failure of
seed germination, or may result in poor germination and weaker seedlings. One way to prevent damping off, use a sterile
potting mix instead of ordinary garden soil. Also Use clean, new pots, or sterilize used
pots with one part bleach to 10 parts water. When you sow seeds, leave room for good air
circulation. Water seeds and seedlings from the bottom
using the tray method.

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  3. Ima new grower and I’ve heard the terminology but didn’t really know the meanings.You explained it as to where I understand them and seeing the words made it easier. Thank you for the information and tips. 🌱♻️✌️

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