🔥WORX LANDROID MÄHROBOTER M im Test – Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower – Review & Test

Hello and a warm welcome to a new review. In today’s video is explicit about the works Landroid Robotic M500. current price in the info box. here we go, as always after the intro. In fact, he looks quite cute Off, with its new anti-collision sensor. And practical it is. Incidentally, in the last video I showed how to use the ACS installed, and what he did for the benefits. bottom left of the info box. The LAndroid M500 itself, brings almost weighing about 9 kg. And considering the gaps and build quality in tip top shape. the robot is powered by two 20 cm wide, mounted on the back, off-road tires. These have a fairly coarse profile so that Landroid not get stuck. To maneuver a 360-degree swivel, well laid rolling roll is below. Over it looks a little different. here are Virtually all buttons and switches that Landroid can be controlled directly. In the middle of the green LED display that emits an all important information Enough is bright and is grayed out when not in use automatically close located. The first of the four available buttons, our power is scarce. This is logical only needed to turn on and off. After that, the start button to activate the haircut, the Coming Home or Return key, and finally the OK button must be confirmed with everything. Directly below it is now probably the most important and work on “Stop”. stack regardless of whether the mower to run over something, or to be different for any reason whatsoever stopped, this is done with a single keystroke. Not recommended in turn, mowing in the rain, the mower would otherwise worst run down or very dirty. To prevent this, Worx Landroid little rain sensor missing. The robot is characterized gets a message and then immediately return to the starting position. At the rear of the machine there is a hinged cover that hides the battery compartment. The cool here, the lid has an automatic locking mechanism and two magnets What produces a very high quality impression my mind again. Also very useful is the “power share” option. This refers to the 20-volt lithium-ion battery with 2 ampere-hours, which is located in the battery compartment of Mähroboters. This can be easily removed, changed or used for other gardening equipment from Worx. In my test of Landroid M 2 ampere-hour battery reached a continuous operation in just over a half hour before he took 9% battery charge way home charging station. For the actual cutting, and result in turn cut concerns three blades at the bottom, which is offset by an efficient brushless motor to rotate. If the blades even be worn after a few months, they can easily be changed by the Phillips screws or renewed. The metal structure on the side of the road, is responsible for ensuring that the robotic mower also caught the blade of grass that grows right next to the lawn curbs So our so-called “cut-to-edge” function. This works quite well in practice. But only if it also issues during installation of the perimeter wire has given. When everything was done carefully, the result can definitely see a few blades of grass. Because of the large and easy understanding rotary switch, can be cutting height in four steps from 30 to 60 mm adjust without problems. Because of the sharp knives and high rotational speed, the Landroid thus achieves a visibly good cutting result, even with relatively thick grass. With a cutting width of 18 cm it is set at the same level as comparable models. He must, however, because of the principle chaos be a few hours in motion to kill several lawns. The noise results keep the decibels with about 65 in boundaries. This can theoretically be broken Robotic lawnmower evening. As for Landroid app, that is, roughly speaking, quite complex and includes several options, statistics, etc. It is possible to say when and robotic mower to mow every day, how long, in what areas he spends most of his time, or even how to behave in case of rain After completing the set working hours, or because of Manuelen app, driving the mower return function now until next perimeter and then back to the charging station. arrived at the charging station to dock landroid ease the contacts on the battery in the next 1 ½ hours to charge and use for the next scheduled to be ready. In my opinion it Landroid Robotic highly recommended for those who might just be the late evening from work or even support can use regular lawn care. Up to this point, I would say. if you liked the video, let but to support a thumb there and subscribe to this channel for my work. Otherwise Thank you and until next time.

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