👣Pedicure Toenail Cleaning Tight Shoes and Yard Work 👣

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100 thoughts on “👣Pedicure Toenail Cleaning Tight Shoes and Yard Work 👣

  1. I don't know if it's appropriate to ask you a question but here goes. I've always had fragile nails i.e. chipping, thin, peeling etc. I can grow them to a bit over the tip which is fine. For six months or so I have been heavily moisterizing my hands and nails. As a result they are at least 30% better than ever. Do you think I could use nail polish occasionally? I am afraid the polish remover could damage my nails and also that the hand creme wouldn't be able to work on my nails. I haven't used polish for a couple of years for this reason.

  2. Hi have to say I seriously hate feet (apart from babies!)
    But can’t stop watching your videos
    Some of the feet are filthy though even after soaking
    Why o why don’t you wear gloves? 😂😂😂

  3. Would you consider doing a tour? Like going to a few cities to do nails? I live in California I’m dying to see you 😭🙏

  4. Hi there. I noticed that when using the efile you use different bits for each foot. Is there a special reason? Or is it edited out? Always appreciate your knowledge. 🤗

  5. So my toenails kind of grow upwards. Is that normal and do I have to have a surgery to get them to grow correctly?

    I love your videos! I'm not a nail technician by any means but I've never seen pedicures as relaxing and pristine as yours. Theres such a difference between the before and after photos and your work is truly an art! ❤

  6. okay the sound effect for your snapshot before and after, is rather unnecessary, I kind of found it annoying. Still love your videos though 😉

  7. Hey Lori, love your video's and I learn a lot. What I would like to ask you is : What is the name of your callus remover/softener ????

  8. I just ordered 300.00 worth of products from you. My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes and I already take care of his feet but wanted the best equipment. I just need the little 'toenail file' thingy you use to complete my kit. Thanks for all your tutorials. I have learned so much about taking care of his feet. Keep doing what you do.

  9. I really enjoy the commentary from the Meticulous Manicurist. She's great, but the chatty guy in the background who wouldn't be quiet, (maybe it was her client), was too much to take.

  10. I seriously love your techniques and teaching style. Due to you, I've learned to care better for my elderly dad's feet. Love you Lori MM!! ❤️😘

  11. Your videos are amazing. And I love to watch them all. I am studying for nail treatment. Can you tell me the brand you use for cuticle remover?

  12. I'm sure someone may have asked already, but I would love to know what is on your nails in this video. I've had to re-watch several parts because I was too distracted by the glitter! So pretty.

  13. That was a new piece of info…that nails can soak up water and change shape. Never too late to learn something everyday.


  15. Muita mal feita essa limpesa …is brasileiras fazem bem melhor as cuticulas estao todas nas unhas… o uso de luvas seria bom…

  16. Why are you cleaning his toes without Gloves that is so Unsanitary!so much bacteria and Germs so not professional and everybody talking about everything else but not calling this out.Smh

  17. Dear Madam i have a huge problems like this in my both toenails please help me… How can i contacts you from India

  18. I think you should wear gloves before treating people's feet. That's a lot of dirt underneath the nails you shouldn't be touching.

  19. I’ve been watching you since the focus was more on fingernails. I suffered with ingrown nails for several years and just switched to a half size up and went to a wide shoe size as well. No more pain. I had the ingrowns removed last year but they continued to be painful. This switch in size has stopped all that. This guy may have avoided surgery had he changed size like you suggest in this video. Thank you for teaching all of us. Nail techs or not. ❤️

  20. I looked on your shop but didn't find the hands or feet! I am mad 😡 you had said "every thing I used in this video" but it was like tools and stuff!!

    Guys this is a joke no hate I love her channel))

  21. How would someone go about finding a person in their area that cares for feet the way you do? I need someone and so does my husband. The big nail salons just dont do what you do.

  22. Was he gardening barefoot or in flip flops? How does one get dirt and grass embedded in your toenails with shoes and socks on?

  23. Он ноги то мыл когда нибудь. Не стыдно так лапы свои запускать

  24. I know this is an older video but I'm a ballerina and have a question. My big toe was badly bruised and lifted so I cut it to prevent any more pain and since then it hasn't grown and the other day it fell off. It's not long at all and still isn't growing is there anything I can do? Is it normal considering the trauma I'm causing it?

  25. I’m terrible! I have never had a pedicure but I would have to do my feet before I went! Just like cleaning the house before the cleaner comes … not that I have a cleaner … well I have a husband, does that count! 😆

  26. I just have to say that using a mobility device isn’t a shameful thing at all and no one should view it like that. My mobility devices( wheelchair, walker and cane) are the reason I can leave the house. If I didn’t have them my life would suck. And it’s not a determination thing. Honestly this guy would have a better situation if he accepted help from a assistive device

  27. Ужасно,мастер работает без перчаток,с кольцами .Это мастер?Домашние посиделки,

  28. Thank you so much for educating us about how to take care of our feet to prevent further painful issues! Too bad our mothers didn’t have this information when they were raising us!!!!!

  29. My son has horrible nails and I learn how to take better care of his feet from you. I have purchased your nail tools and cuticle softener as well. He really needs to go to you or someone trained by you in Waco, Tx. His nails are clubbed and some of his nails dig so deep into his toes. I’m also not sure how to disinfect my bits so I will buy your kit to have his tools separate from mine. He has horrible athletes foot☹️ please help

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