?BEAUTIFUL ROSE FALL WREATH DIY FOR $3: How to Make a Flower Wreath ?

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna show you how I made this wreath so a couple days ago I was
walking around two hands I usually come to Joanne’s
to look at the desktop they have look at all kinds of awesome things right now
for inspiration to see the things that I could make soaps Kindles melted
chocolate all that kind of stuff absolutely love it so as I was walking
around I saw this beautiful wreath that was made out of felt and it had roses on
it and I wanted it but the reef cost $50 and I wanted about to spend $50 in the
wreath like that so I decided that I was gonna make it I got some felt sheets and
I went home and tried to do it develop sheets cost one dollar per four sheets
and I got eight in total so I spent $2 on the felt sheets and then the ring I
got earlier at a garage sale for 50 cents and thought it was gonna make
something out of it but if you don’t already have a ring you can get it for
one dollar at a dollar store and that way instead of $50 this day I only took
me two dollars and fifty cents I started by looking at the picture before I
picked out the felt that I needed I counted how many flowers there were and
how many colors of flowers they were now the original louise has four different
colors of flowers and I’ve decided that my wreath is gonna have three different
colors of flowers well actually I didn’t quite decide that I somehow counted the
cars wrong and when we realized it after I was trying to arrange the flowers how
I wanted and what you know there was one more color but anyways my wreath has
three different colors I have this light orange I have a creamy white and I have
this kind of dark red I like the original orange but I wasn’t able to
find it so I decided to go with this one and then for the leaves I got black
the screen color and then great so three colors of leaves as well and
the original one has three colors too so no mess up here I looked at the sizes of
the flowers that the wreath has just to kind of get an idea what I’m doing and
it looks like it had a couple big flowers like that and then a couple of
teeny tiny ones there’s another teeny tiny and then medium I didn’t know how
many circles it would take and you’ll know what I mean by circles just in a
second so I don’t know how many circles it would take so at first I cut out
twelve circles for the first flower and then it cut the circles in half which
made 24 little half and that is how I made all of the big flowers so the big
flowers have 24 half circles in them the medium ones have nine circles and then
the small ones have only six circles in them which is twelve
perhaps Urkel’s I started by cutting out the circles and the felt I had twelve
circles in her right and then after cutting them out I cut each one in half
after that I would string my half circles go into the middle of each one
just as I show here until I made a string of them after that I cut off the
excess Fred and I kind of pushed the wall on the Fred to create that grumpy
bloke don’t know it’s called and then I used my glue gun to shape them however I
wanted and give them that beautiful rose appearance after I was done folding the roses into
whatever shape I wanted them to be in I went all over them with a glue gun just
to make sure they don’t fall apart but I tried to keep the glue inside of it so
that it’s not seen from the outside when I glue it on I repeated that with each
color of the felt until I had three yellow roses three white roses or creamy
roses and four red roses after that I worked on my leaves six big crate leaves
one small five green big leaves two small five black big leaves and three
small that sums it up to be able to make believes in the perfect shape actually
printed out a couple of templates I print out a template for the big leaves
and the template for the small leaves which I then paint with a needle to the
felt sheet and cut out a small kind of square around the leaf and then I spend
time cutting out the leaf itself after I had all of the leaves which out took me
a while I used a black nail pen to draw on the lighter leaves and actually used
a golden pen to draw on the black leaves so I use the nail pen for these leaves
because I thought if I were to use just a sharpie
it might not withstand rain and actually start leaking after I had everything cut
out everything painted on and everything folded properly into a rose shape I
grabbed my green circle thingy and I put a thread on it so I just cut the thread
to the size that I thought it would be good I tied a little knot on the top and
then I tied it around the wreath and I glue gunned it so that it stays in place
and then I used my pins my little needles to put the leaves and put the
roses kind of where I thought I wanted them to organize them prettily I kind of
just played around and saw what looks good I didn’t really
have any idea for ID besides I wanted to keep some roses kind of sitting together
because I liked that from the original reason I think it looks really good and then when I was somewhat happy with
it I went to bed next morning I woke up and decided I wasn’t too happy with it
so actually rearrange them some more and then this is my final result after that
I used my glue gun to actually glue the roses and the Leafs down and I took the
needles out whenever I didn’t forget to do that so that I know that these leaf
is already glued or this rose is already glued just went all around the wreath go
weighing them down basically after I got done gluing everything down I went ahead
and pulled on the leaves and on the roses all around the wreath to make sure
I didn’t have anything lose for example when the Rose is a type just to the leaf
it may not be in touch to the reason to meet it and maybe the wind would break
it or something like that so I went ahead and I glued down all the loose
leaves and all the loose roses and then I actually turned my wreath around and I
made kind of carcasses out of glue gun on the leaves to make sure that the
leaves don’t bent from the wind or just in general with a good one
so they actually stick out luke nice and sticky outing and that happened
absolutely spontaneously I messed up when I got some glue on one of the
little leaves over here and it was standing very prettily
and who wasn’t folding like this anymore I was like I should do tell them because
I bet that will look at so I ended up doing it to all of them in the end and
then when I had the hands in that wreath I hung it on my
door to kind of see what it looks like see what I want to move around still and
I loved the look with the pins still in the wreath it looked like little beads
of water on the roses so I grabbed some nail sparkles that I had and I put them
on the red flowers so that it looks kind of like water drops and that is what I
ended up with I think it is super cute and pretty I love having it on my door I
hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you so much for watching this video I
hope to see the next fun bye it can also double up as a good necklace
maybe not but worth a try

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