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in perfect plays okay you can’t beat that um anyway today we’re gonna talk
about four things to do in your garden in September so bear with me here with
all the false starts and everything Brandon thank you so much for the $2
super chat that’s really nice of you considering all the mess ups here on the
live stream but it’s great to have you back here again on the live and I really
appreciate the super chat so today we’re gonna talk about four things to do in
your garden in September so I know a lot of you are heading into the the cold
weather here we still have a lots of warm weather left in SoCal but I know a
lot of you it’s getting cooler where you live and you might be wondering what the
heck do i do do i mat do i still garden in september what the heck do i do in my
garden in September absolutely yes if you’re in warm weather there’s plenty to
do if you’re coming into cold weather there’s also still plenty to do in your
garden so before we start jump in on that let me just see who all is here
with us today there were a ton of people on before the livestream started I want
to say a special welcome to Patti and her second graders all the way watching
all the way from Philly in Pennsylvania she has some second graders that are
growing a garden at their school so it’s always exciting they’re already
harvesting a lot of things they planted a garden last spring and are already
harvesting from it or harvesting from it lots of wonderful
and planting a cold weather garden so thank you so much for joining us
Kim P thanks for finding me over here on the new life straight on the new live
stream I don’t know why we’re having so many issues lately so we’ll try and do
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livestream next week so thank you so much for your patience Steven from
Canada Courtney from Seattle RJ from Florida great let’s see here who else
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having a great time over on the other livestream hopefully you saw my comment
over there to join me over here so sorry for all the problems today okay
so great to have you all back again and let’s jump right in and talk about the
first thing that you can do in your garden in September and hopefully a lot
of you are already doing this and that is you’re already planting your cool
weather vegetables very important that you get that going just because the
summer is over you do not need to stop gardening a lot of people think wow I
just plant in the spring and absolutely you want to keep on planting all summer
all into the fall and if you’re getting cold weather you can even grow some
things indoors so if you’ve got um your frost date just around the corner there
are a couple of things that you can get planted with a little bit of luck you
can still get some harvests and a couple of those we planted on the fall
gardening video I don’t know that was before we left on vacation I want to say
maybe a month ago maybe three weeks ago and I’ve got some actually coming up
right here so let me show you guys we planted some radishes right here and
these are all from my fall garden seed collection and they’re radishes and then
we have some Paris cause lettuce right here also and then right behind it we
have some little marble Peas right over there in the black 5-gallon
smart pots so these are actually doing remarkably well I didn’t think they
would grow so well because the weather was so hot while we were gone it was
definitely near triple digits and they have just grown like
I’m super surprised the Paris cause romaine lettuce is a more heat tolerant
variety and it’s doing very very well so um that was a really nice surprise when
I got back and saw those all I’m growing so nicely so if you have a month or so
left before you’re gonna get Frost definitely get some of those quick
growing vegetables planted like radishes like some lettuce even some peas are
great things to plant because they are frost tolerant and once they get
established they’re gonna be surviving your first winter frost those light
Frost’s that you get at the beginning of the season and especially the root
vegetables like the radishes will do very well even when you get much colder
weather because they’re underground the vegetable is growing as a root
underground and so it’s protected from the cold weather by the insulation of
the soil so definitely get those growing if you don’t have any space in your
garden beds maybe you’re in a warm weather climate grow some in containers
like I am right here these are growing and the Kali Kim containers is the
purple container which actually has a good amount of growing space it has
about I want to say about three feet or so growing space I think that’s it I’m
something like that and then the five gallon Kali Kim smart pots hold five
gallons of soil and they’re a perfect little container to pop things in so
find some containers around your house pop in some of those cool weather
veggies and don’t stop growing now if you’re in a warm winter climate like I
am in California Southern California or in like Texas or Florida or something
like that you can definitely get some of the cool weather vegetables growing that
have a longer maturity date like the cat like the color flower or longer maturity
time like the color flower broccoli some of the root vegetables are great like
the beets the radishes root vegetables are wonderful to grow
during the winter time and a lot of the cool weather vegetables grow beautifully
in the winter in a warm winter climate so definitely get those going
I actually had a tray to show you down where I was live-streaming when I
originally planned a livestream in the garden and had to rush up here and let
those down there but I did start a lot of cool weather vegetables and have been
growing them inside because it’s pretty hot to grow them outside right now but
they’re ready to get planted so I’ll probably be just giving that a go
planting those in the next couple of weeks and we’ll do a video on that so
that you know exactly how to get your cool weather veggies planted so first
thing to do in your garden in September is plant new seeds and I really try to
make I’m planting easy for everyone and very convenient by putting together my
seed collection so we do have one for cool weather gardening it’s called the
fall garden seed collection so that’s a really great one for you to pick up if
you’re just getting started or you need some cool weather seeds the fall garden
seed collection is a good one to start with or the lettuce collection – lettuce
is a cool weather vegetable and the lettuce collection has five varieties
that would be great to plant during the cool winter months so Aneesa just
planted my ten vegetables yesterday that’s great it’s such a good feeling to
get new seeds planted isn’t it especially when some of your maybe your
summertime vegetables are starting to kind of reach the end of their life and
maybe looking a little bit shabby it’s it’s nice to have a fresh new start and
get those needs new seats planted so good job a nice I’m really glad that
you’re getting started so let’s see who else is planting let me know what you’re
planting Maria hi from Rosamond California uh Nisha how are you doing I
know she’s gardening up in Northern California and she has a question my
space master cukes are flowers all dried up should i sow more seeds
yes absolutely Nisha and that does happen when the weather gets hot and we
have had a lot of hot weather here in California over the past month or so
even when you keep your plants shaded sometimes if you’ve got temperatures you
know in the 90s or a hundreds sometimes your flowers will dry up which really of
course slows down your production but cucumbers are one of those
plants as well as beans that you that you know grow fast and if you’re in a
worm weather climate where you’re not getting frost for a while you can
definitely get a new wave of vegetables going so make sure you plant those
things like your plants like cucumbers in full Sun because the weather will
probably be cooling down in the next months months to six weeks and you’re
gonna want to have to take advantage of the full Sun okay let’s see one of their
comments are the chair in the chat the chats are really flying by so I’m gonna
answer as many questions as I can but sorry if I don’t get to yours it’s
nothing personal it just means that the chat is flying right by and I saw a
question someone asking can we plant seeds directly in the ground right now
so it really depends on where you live what the weather’s like as you can tell
I plan a coup other vegetables right here in right i direct seeded them right
in these containers and although it’s still hot they’re still doing well so
it’s always good to experiment maybe with a couple different ways of planting
like I mentioned I have some going out here I also have some going in the house
under grow lights so give yourself some backups in case your plants that your
seeds you plant outside don’t make it if it gets too hot or too cold always plant
backups always have a couple things going at once just to make sure that you
always have something to harvest because we never want to be without those fresh
veggies even if it’s just a radish or two or a little bit of lettuce right I
know I’m I always want to have something to harvest from the garden okay question
here from Angela’s garden sense what’s the best treatment for powdery mildew
Angela I just happened to post a video on that I’m a little while back so go
back to my or go over to my YouTube channel and search powdery mildew there
should be a couple videos that pop up a really easy treatment that I like is
something that anyone can do you most likely everyone has milk of some kind in
your refrigerator so you can make a very easy milk spray so you can go and check
the video on that and it does help really keep the powdery mildew under
control but keep in mind there is no hard and fast cure that I
down for powdery mildew it does affect my plants at some point even when I do
apply the milk spray but the milk spray to me it just really helps keep it under
control so when I got back from vacation hopefully you guys were able to catch
the little garden to where I did when we got back I did have a lot of powdery
mildew on my plants and I trimmed them up and for the most part it was able to
get most from trimmed up and that’s really the biggest thing is keep your
plants pruned when they have powdery mildew to help keep it from spreading
okay so um Karen says hi can I live in Georgia is it okay to plant cabbage
seeds or plants sure yeah absolutely now is a great time to get those cabbages
going cabbage seeds going or cabbage plants if you can find them in the
garden centers however seeds are a much cheaper way to start so if you you know
plant from seeds definitely go ahead and do that you
always do want to check your first frost date I’m not sure what it is in Georgia
you can find that on Farmers Almanac and see if you have enough time to grow
cabbages and get them established before it Frost’s if you have them growing and
establish before it frost most likely they will survive the first few light
Frost’s and be fine during the first month or so of wintertime so definitely
do that okay let’s talk about the second thing that you can do in your garden to
in September here I’m sorry I’m just looking at my notes here make sure that
you do go back and watch the fall garden video on planting that we did maybe a
month or so ago you can head to my channel and search fall gardening or
Kristi can pop it in the chat here it’ll also be in the once this livestream
uploads it will be in the video description but I talked all about fall
gardening how to plant your seeds what vegetables ate vegetables that are good
to plant for cool weather gardening so you can go back and check that out
for more detailed information ok so the second thing you want to do now is to
start cleaning out your garden beds you know maybe some of your warm weather
vegetables are starting to die off reach the end of their season I mean all
plants do have a season for the most part most plants just reach a point
where they’re done with their production so you can start
cleaning out your garden beds some of the plants that are looking you know
diseased or maybe just dying out and you can go and check out my video on how to
decide when to pull the plant out because sometimes it is hard to pull out
a plant I know for me I get attached to some of my plants I know it sounds kind
of crazy I don’t know if you any of you go through that but you know a plant
that I really like it’s given me really good vegetables during the growing
season I pulled out my scarlet runner beans for
that video and it actually was really hard cuz I really loved that garden bed
how it looked I love the flowers I love the beans that we harvested from it it
was really tough to pull all those out but we did bite the bullet pull them out
and then we planted something new so if you still have time in your growing
season you can clean out your garden beds and with all the old stuff because
sometimes it’s easier just to start over with a new plants plant some brand new
seeds and again the seeds that you plant will really depend on where you live and
when your frost date hits plant some new plants or if you’re kind
of ready to be done and take a break then you can clean those garden beds out
and then I’ll talk about in a minute what to do with those empty garden beds
but you can compost your plants that are healthy and if you if your plants have
disease or a lot of bugs I would recommend just throwing them in your
green trashcan rather than putting them in the compost pile because you don’t
want to be spreading you know disease like powdery mildew or blight through
your compost pile to the rest of your garden so do make sure you get rid of
your diseased plants and do not compost them so it’s always a good thing to do
it’s kind of a good feeling to start over fresh and although it’s sad it does
give the garden beds a fresh new look and just gives you a fresh new feeling
of starting over or kind of finishing off for the season but we’re not done
don’t think that you’re done growing because you can always grow something
inside if it’s getting too cold where you live so first off you want to make
sure that you’re still planting something get a quick crop in or
continue planting if you’re in a warm weather warm winter climate and the
second thing you can do in September is to start cleaning out some of your
garden beds so we’ll talk about the third thing in just a moment but let me
check and see what’s going on in the chat here a lot of questions flying by
so let’s see Charles and Charles is back after being gone to livestream for a
little while so welcome back and he mentioned in Prior the prior life prior
to the livestream in the chat that he just turned 18 so happy birthday so glad
that you’re here so glad you’re still gardening and his question is should I
start growing some herb seeds here in Yuma Arizona okay Charles absolutely you
can kind of a general principle that I try and tell people is rather than
saying should I start this particular seed here is always check what the
weather’s going to be like and then check what type of vegetable or herb
you’re going to be growing check the maturity date see if you have enough
time to get your crop or your vegetable herb to mature and the type of weather
that you’re working with so cool weather vegetables grow best in temperatures
under seventy-five degrees many are frost tolerant and warm weather
vegetables and herbs grow best in weather between 60 and 85 degrees
so check the type of herb or vegetable you want to plant check the weather
coming up in the next few months in your area and then just plant accordingly and
that’s really the simplest way to garden is to work with the weather and the
seeds you’re planting and the vegetables you’re planting not against it so
Arizona I’m sure has a pretty warm winter like we do here so you can plant
the warm weather herbs like basil lots of different types of basil you can
plant let me see what else I meant and what I’m trying to think what else is in
my herb seed collection the mint is a great one oregano is a great one
thyme is a good warm weather herb you also might want to start some cooler
weather herbs inside because they do take a little bit of time to sprout like
the cilantro and parsley you can start seeds indoors maybe a month or so before
the cool weather hits and then you have transplants to put into your garden once
the weather cools off ok let’s see what other questions we have here you’re
welcome very welcome Charles when glad you’re enjoying the tips
let’s see piano master is on here today thank you so much for joining us and
piano master says was hoping to get some raised beds soon because of all the fall
seedlings but they’re too expensive so we found eight free bookshelves Wow
great idea on the side of the road water proof then we’ve got six raised beds for
$14 Wow you cannot beat that that’s amazing that’s a great great price and a
great use of resources I’m really glad you were able to do that we also posted
a video on how to build a really really simple raised bed and it costs under $20
I want to say between ten and fifteen dollars super easy you don’t have to be
a major construction person because we are definitely not that you just need a
little bit of wood from the hardware store maybe you already have wood around
your house you can repurpose but very very simple to get a raised bed built
for ten to fifteen dollars so definitely don’t think that it’s too expensive to
garden you can even make your own soil if you want to there’s lots of good
recipes out there online and get yourself something started it’s very
inexpensive especially when you start from seed okay let’s see here what other
ideas and comments are flying by here I want to make my grandma an herb crate
garden that would be wonderful Charles I’m sure she would absolutely love that
Brandon planted strawberry seeds was that a good idea in California sure
absolutely go for Brandon I actually haven’t had great luck growing
strawberries from seeds that’s one thing I’d really like to work on probably
start on that maybe sometime after the first of the year so if you have any
tips for me on how to do that as you’re planting your strawberries from see
Brandon then I would love to hear about it too always the first time for
everything and it’s always fun to learn and experiment and grow I never stop
learning and I hopefully I’m you guys never do too okay my backyard 123 said I
reused an old desk wonderful I love to hear how people are repurposing reusing
and gardening however they can that’s great so glad to hear that what grows
well in humidity I live in South Florida you can grow just about anything in
humidity it really just depends on the heat and then it’s just taking care of
some of the humidity issues that you might have as far as diseases so that’s
probably going to be your biggest challenge is dealing with diseases that
happen in high humidity such as powdery mildew so um you know hopefully I think
hopefully in Florida I know our moderator everything sunflowers and more
lives in Florida and she might be able to give you some specific vegetables
that she’s had good success with or if anyone else lives in Florida I know you
can also watch Gary at the rested garden he lives in Maryland in a high humidity
area and grows just about every kind of vegetable that I do here in my garden in
California so it really is probably just more of an issue of dealing with
diseases so definitely grow cooler weather vegetables over the winter in
Florida and warmer weather vegetables probably in the spring and early summer
the mid summer might be a little bit too hot so you might have to use some shake
off for that okay we go from hot to hotter only one single mom in Florida
yes definitely that’s that can be a challenge okay Pat sawa is sharing
something about growing strawberries from seed and use the same method as
other seedlings peat pellets and grow lights pot up when they get bigger they
were much easier than I thought okay great Pat’s Ella I will definitely
try that again I did try some maybe a couple months ago and they were just
super slow growing and really did not take off so maybe it’s the variety maybe
I’ll try different variety next time and hopefully on that will help okay oh here
comment here from our SS diamond this is my first year I’m in Indiana and got a
late start our first frost is usually mentally October do you think I have
time for lettuce and radishes I would absolutely give it a go RSS
first of all I’m super glad that you’re here I’m super glad that you’re starting
your garden it’s always fun to get started and it’s never too late I would
get some started radishes will go from seed to harvest in about three to four
weeks you probably definitely have time with that and lettuce about maybe right
around six weeks but they’re frost tolerant so even if your frost is
mid-october which is in about a month or so you should be able to still get
some going and with any luck you’ll get a harvest before it Frost’s okay let’s
head back and we’ll talk about my third tip I had for today my third tip was as
you’re pulling out those old plants and even if you have some plants that are
still going which I know a lot of us do and here in California our gardens are
still in full swing in southern climates our gardens are we’re just you know
really coming into our best harvest time so now is a great time whether you’re
cleaning out or whether you have plants going to really help rejuvenate the soil
give your plants they’re going a boost by fertilizing them put some worm
castings on it you guys know I love to use the vermis Terra worm castings and
worm T great time to do that great time to put some compost around the base of
your plants to really help give them a boost get the most production out of
them that you possibly can and if you’re cleaning out those garden beds make sure
that you don’t leave them completely bare soil during the winter there’s
definitely some things you want to do to your empty garden beds first of all
collect all the all the fall leaves that you possibly can from around your
neighborhood from your neighbors from your own yard from parks nearby don’t
let any of those beautiful fall leaves go to waste
they are like garden gold you can completely cover your garden beds with
them over the winter time and during the snow and the rain of the winter they’re
gonna break down and really add some great organic nutrients to the soil so
don’t leave those garden beds bare soil definitely mulch them with leaves as
much as you can and if you’ve got a compost pile going
it’s a great time also to add some compost to your garden beds so you can
pull out to your old plants add a layer of compost on top and then as the leaves
fall down definitely add some some leaves on top of your garden beds it’s a
great idea if you have a lawn mower or a leaf shredder to either run over your
leaves with a lawn mower to break them down even smaller that way they’ll break
down quicker in your garden beds or just shred them up somehow and just cover
your garden beds with a couple layers of shredded leaves
solutely garden gold we’ll get your garden started that much sooner in the
spring it’ll make your soil nice and fertile over the winter months and a
huge huge benefit it brings in the worms like crazy and we all know that worms
are like garden gold so they’ll poop in your garden beds over the winter time
leave their beautiful worm castings and your garden beds are going to be ready
to go in the spring so if you don’t have access to compost or shredded leaves
pick up some of the vermis Terra worm castings they’re a great soil amendment
to add in to any garden bed even along with the compost of the leaves so you
can grab that at vermis Terra comm check the link in the video description here
for the discount code it’s Cali Kim you can grab them out of ten percent
discount over at Burma’s Terra calm so definitely as you’re cleaning out your
garden beds make sure that you are enriching your soil and improving your
soil because the key to really growing productive veggies is healthy soil so if
you have healthy soil and good soil you’re gonna have a great crop and much
healthier plants so things to do in September you want to make sure you keep
planting you want to start cleaning out your garden beds and you want to make
sure that you are improving your soil three three practical things that you
can do here in the next few weeks of September to keep your gardening going I
know some people get a little oh my gosh during the wintertime they get this itch
too you know to keep gardening so there are three practical things that you can
do to keep gardening as the cool weather is setting in so hopefully those are
helpful tips for you guys today and let’s head back in the chat for the last
few minutes and answer as many questions as we can I would love to hear any
September tips that you have for your garden as well okay let’s see here Oh
piano master this is a great comment heard that Home Depot gives away old two
by fours in the construction center so that’s a great way to get some raised
beds going for inexpensive you could stack a couple those up and have
yourself a little raised bed okay let’s see here Chisolm from New Jersey
the next frost date is mid-november can I get a harvest before then I planted my
tomatoes peppers onions and okra end of July
you should be able to it really depends on the sunlight that they’re getting the
weather is going to be starting to cool off in New Jersey I’m sure and you may
be having fewer hours of sunlight a day so it really depends on the varieties
you planted but hopefully you’ll be able to get something harvested before
November the the other thing you can do is if you’re expecting a frost and you
haven’t quite gotten all of your crops harvested you can cover them up with
like an old quilt you can make a little plastic cover for your garden bed to
kind of extend the season a little bit and I do have a video on that how to
make a very simple winter cover for your garden bed so you can go and search my
channel for probably like winter cover put that in the little search box there
and it should pull up a video it’s really really easy and that will help
extend your your season just a little bit okay there here’s a question about
composting from Christina how can I get my compost to break down I turn it and
add water and it just doesn’t break down okay Christina you want to go back and
pull up my composting playlist and there’s a whole bunch of videos on that
I even have a comprehensive video on composting and it could be that you need
more green or brown material so you can you can troubleshoot a few watch my
videos you can troubleshoot on that and then if you still have a question you
can send me an email at Cali Kim at Kelly Kim gardening home.com
and hopefully we can troubleshoot from there but hopefully by watching those
videos it’ll give you a good idea of what will help your compost breakdown
but it does definitely need water air and then if you want it to hot compost
and break down quickly it doesn’t need to be about three feet in size but you
can it can break down with a small compost pile just take you a little bit
longer so it could take you several months so that might be part of the
problem too is maybe you’re just thinking the process should be going
faster but for a cold compost pile it’s gonna take several months to break down
okay let’s see back in the chat here okay questions are pinecones bad for
mulch it seems like my garden isn’t doing well since I put pine cones in
there I pulled them all out but it still hasn’t recovered I don’t have any
experience with using pine cones for mulch so I’m not too sure do you mean
pine needles or pine cones so if someone else has had experience with that and
could help her out that would be great let’s see here Nisha is mentioning that
your community board member reached out to me to build and run a community
garden that’s wonderful Nisha I just designed it over the weekend and I hope
it gets approved oh wow that is awesome so I’m so excited that you’re sharing
your love of growing vegetables with people in your community that would be
so rewarding being growing a garden and having your own vegetables is wonderful
but the rewards go far beyond that so I’m really glad that you’re sharing that
it’s wonderful okay Luz and hi Luz is a has a daughter she’s been gardening with
and her daughter is commenting that she harvested okra I am so happy about that
congratulations and I bet you’re just enjoying your vegetables and that I know
you’re growing as some of the callie kim smart pots and hopefully really really
enjoying those fresh vegetables so i’m so proud of you and keep on gardening
you have a very special mother that loves you so much and that is so excited
to garden with you and what precious memories that you’re building together
so I’m so proud of you thank you for sharing that okay here’s a question from
Sheila planted a few radishes over four weeks ago but seeing more leaves and
roots any recommendations okay Sheila yes I do have some that’s actually
something I meant to I mentioned when I talked about my little radish seedlings
whoops sorry about that my little radish seedlings right here I have lots and
lots of leaves but I also have very very few roots and the reason why is due to
the heat so when the temperatures are over 75 what you’re going to see with
your radishes is lots of growth like this which is perfect for salads you can
totally harvest these for salads but you’re not going to see a lot
the roots from the radishes until the temperatures cool off so you can see
here let me dig down in here actually I’ll just pull one out
these are planet about three weeks ago so you’re not seeing the radish roots
here you are just seeing the greens so what you might want to do is once the
weather does cool off in the 70s or the 60s or even the 50s replant or I’d say
when it cools off into the 70s I would replant the radishes again and then
you’re gonna definitely see more roots developing as the weather is cool but in
hot weather you’re pretty much just gonna see the greens which is not a bad
problem because at least you have some really nice zippy salad greens to eat so
that’s exactly why okay let’s see here one of the questions we have hope you’re
enjoying growing your radish greens because they really are very tasty okay
um from Pam’s pretty plans hi how are you it’s nice to have you on here today
I’m hoping to get a pile of mulch from chip drop before winter any tips for
best uses and practices to composted over winter okay I actually did a chip
drop a few years ago something like that anyway where we got free mulch and I
found that I did spread it over my garden beds but it wasn’t super high
quality wood chip mulch so it really didn’t do so well didn’t help my plants
out as much what I would really recommend is if you’re going to use
woodchips you make sure that it is like more like shredded Hardware hardwood a
high quality mulch without a lot of I know there’s some types of woods that
aren’t so great to spread over your garden beds so I would recommend maybe
using that wood those wood chips for your garden like your walkways and
things like that and then yes definitely do let it break down pretty much just
like you would any compost pile over the wintertime you could mix it in with your
compost or just let it break down and into compost over the winter by keeping
it in a pile so that’s just what’s kind of my experience with the woodchips over
the garden beds some people may have a different experience with that but that
was just the experience that I had okay let’s see here any other questions
we’ve got a couple more minutes before I have to sign off here sure you’re
absolutely welcome Pam’s pretty plants no problem happy to help here and let’s
see her Michelle hi Kim your channel is inspirational thank you so much Michelle
I appreciate you watching and I’m really really glad that it’s helpful to you and
growing your own veggies okay Sheila okay I answered that question already
let’s see here coffee grounds are great to add to the
compost pile Debbie that’s a great suggestion when I really want to get my
compost heated up I will head over to Starbucks or sometimes your local coffee
shops will save their coffee grounds and you can add that to your compost pile
and it is very very hot –fill to your compost okay oh here’s a great question
from Stephen about planting garlic okay definitely should I be planting garlic
now I’m dealing with Frost soon and I have a winter that’s great yes if you
are having frost coming up here in the next month or so now is a great time to
plant garlic it’s a good idea to plant it like two to four weeks before your
frost date so you can grab those garlic bulbs I’ve tried organic bulbs from the
grocery store they work okay or you can actually get the garlic bulbs like from
Baker Creek or another seed company and get those planted and then you’ll have
some beautiful garlic in the early summer so yeah definitely get that
garlic planted okay guys I’m gonna have to sign off for today actually have to
go pick up drew from school now he gets out early this year so he’s a senior and
believe it or not he gets out at lunchtime lucky him he’s already taken
all of his tough classes and he has a super easy year he has his driver’s
license and we’re working on getting him a car he’s been saving his money so he’s
really excited about that so again sorry for all the difficulties today I hope
you guys all are enjoying your cool weather gardening grab those fall
weather the fall garden seed collection or the light summer or the lettuce
collection or good winds to start with now over in my website and hopefully
we’ll get this live stream issue fixed by next week so thanks for your patience
alright guys we will see you on the next video which hopefully will be later in
the week all right buh-bye you

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19 thoughts on “? LIVE: 3 Things to Do in the Garden in September (REPLAY)

  1. You are awesome…while your vid was playing ran outside and planted radishes and lettuce in a bed. Had room and wasn't sure what to plant. Thanks for your tips. Kim, would you know why so many of us had so many problems with plants bolting? Even the nursery said they had problems with okra and brussel sprouts. I even have had problems with collards and spinach bolting. Its been a bear in the Midwest this year. Zone 6a.

  2. I wish I could do something. We are in a drought and the ground is hard as nails. I built a new raised bed frame and can't do anything with it. The ground is not level and I cannot even break the surface with my tractor.

  3. Apologies for the tech issues in the livestream- we'll get the kinks worked out for next week's stream. Thanks for your patience!
    CaliKim Fall Garden Seed Collection: https://calikimgardenandhome.com
    Pre-order my new book: Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy (release date December 2019) at https://calikimgardenandhome.com/my-book/.
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  4. Oh man I missed the video! I have my alarm set to go off for the lives but it didn’t go off today for some reason. Try a hydrogen peroxide spray for powdery mildew. It actually treats it rather than just preventing it like the milk or baking soda spray.

  5. I'm going to plant radishes and carrots and hope that my weather holds off at least until I get something. I can tell my tomatoes are slowing down. I've picked one today that hasn't ripened completely; but, it is turning. It's been about 5 to 7 days since I've picked any tomatoes. The cucumbers have also slowed down; although, there are still some on the vine trying to get to size. I've harvested nearly all of my bunching onions; so, those are about done. The only things that I've been able to find for fall planting have been tulip and daffodil bulbs.

    Have you or anybody ever grown Jerusalem artichokes? They're related to sunflowers (sometimes they are called sun chokes) and sunflowers do really well for me.

  6. you can add compost to your compost pile to get it going. 3ft. by 3ft. is the best I make compost in laudry baskets also in pots that I'll be planting in. I even through raw scraps right on my cucumber plants and pruned I have many Cukes lol.

  7. My kabocha squash is healthy and looks green and i cover the soil and and i put worm in and the looks good and smells good but i will start my fall garden on september 19 2019 and cool weather flowers and i will start snow peas and broccliili and alysum is a cool weather flower and poppies

  8. I don't have time to do anything anymore… I missed the live… I don't have any space left in my backyard… ??? And… I had to spent a lot of money in August and now in September… I'm broke…

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