【両面ペン先】PREMAD PENの紹介 Fountain pen with double-sided nib【文房具/万年筆/stationery】

Today, we provided you with a great fountain pen called PREMAD PEN, so I’ll open it. Because it was a Taiwanese manufacturer, it was written in Chinese. When the pen tip is put out, it’s attack state, and when it’s stowed, it’s defense state. Here is PREMAD PEN to introduce today. At first glance, it has a very stylish design that does not look like a fountain pen. It’s a fountain pen with a cap-type magnet. It makes a good clicking sound. A converter is included so you can put your favorite ink. I’m going to put the pine dew of the color drop. I’ve been nervous about using a fountain pen for the first time in a long time, but I’m really looking forward to what it feels like to write on both sides. Now that we are ready, let’s write. The world’s first patented “double-sided pen tip” is adopted, making it a fountain pen that can be written on the back side, which is thus polished with a normal fountain pen. Of course, you can write on the front side as well, but the different thickness of the line on the back is a very innovative point of this fountain pen and the point that impressed me. Let’s use a diagram to explain why you can write on the back. It is a nib of German Schmidt who has carefully crafted by craftsmen. The tip of iridium is ground into a V-shaped groove so that it can be written on the front and back, and depending on the surface area that touches the paper, the back can write a thick line and the surface can write a thin line. The idea of ​​a fountain pen may change drastically in the future with ideas that were unlikely. PREMAD PEN has three types of pens, extra-fine, fine, and medium, and this time, I provided you with Fine Fine, which is safe. Even in fine print, the thickness of the line will be different on the front and back, so let’s see how much the difference is. I think that it will be different depending on the paper, but it will be about 0.4 mm when writing on the front of A4 copy paper, about 0.6 mm when writing on the back, about 1.5 mm About twice the thickness is different. I just started using it, so I felt that the ink flow on the front side was not so good. I think that the iridium on the pen tip will fit your hand and reduce shaving as you use it, so I will use it more and more. On the other hand, the back side is astonishingly smooth, and the writing comfort is so good that it is likely to fit into a fountain pen. It’s really fun to write. If you try to write a fine character because it is too thick, the character will be broken, so I think that I will leave the fine character to the front side. In this way, you can use the pen tip properly according to the application, so it is better to write on the front side when writing small letters when taking notes or calculating, and on the back side when you want to graffiti or emphasize letters. I don’t think there is. I want to do something about the front-side writing. This pen is particular about the axis as well as the pen tip. The body is made of aluminum alloy, it has a fairly heavy feeling, and its simple design is irresistibly matte black. The shape of the shaft is not cylindrical, but a flat surface like this is provided. There are two advantages to this: when you place it, it won’t roll on its own, and when you’re writing, you have the feeling of sticking to your hand and you can feel a sense of unity. I thought that the touch I felt was pretty solid mat black paint, but every time I put it in and out, the cap and shaft are slightly rubbed, I think it’s better to be prepared for the paint to come off after years of use. The magnet has enough power, so you don’t have to worry about the pen tip turning when writing. The position of the center of gravity seems to be a little higher, but I thought that there was no need to worry about it because the pen was short. There was also a point that I was really happy about, and that was the movable clip. This makes it easy to stop on a pencil case or thick paper, so I thought it was a fountain pen that could be really detailed. The fountain pen was provided this time, but there is also a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen set, so you can put a ballpoint pen in the cap and use it. These pens are sold by crowdfunding until the end of March, so if you are worried, you should buy PREMAD PEN and support them. The initial target amount was 300,000 yen, but now it is 1.38 million yen, and we have already achieved the target of more than four times. The price is 13200 yen for the “patent double-sided nib fountain pen” introduced in this video, And the set of fountain pen and ballpoint pen is 17640 yen. It’s about 30% cheaper than normal price, so if you buy it, I think it’s cheap now. The only thing to be aware of is that we are raising funds through crowdfunding right now, so the scheduled shipping time is June 2020, so please be aware that it will not arrive immediately. For the first time on my channel, I posted a fountain pen video. So, I don’t know much about fountain pens, so I think there are some places where there is a lack of explanation, but I’d be glad if I could contribute a little to increasing the visibility of PREMAD PEN. We are soliciting requests on this channel, so if you have any stationery you want to introduce or a project you want to do, please leave a comment. If there is information such as limited colors, I would be grateful if you could comment. I also do Twitter and Instagram, and if I get a good photo when shooting a video, I will update it as much as possible, so if you are interested please follow me by all means. See you again. Thank you for your viewing.

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